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Summer 2022: Florence, Italy

ENG 372-01 Creative Writing Abroad: Italy
No Pre-requisites needed
Creative Writing Abroad: Italy
T, 4:00-6:45 (spring only)
Webb Hall 215 (spring) & Florence, Italy (summer)
Summer 2022 (June 25-August 5)
Cost: approximately $4395
Professor: Christopher Torockio
(860) 465-0177

This spring semester Global Field Course will prepare students for a study abroad opportunity scheduled during summer 2022 (June 25-August 5). Creative Writing Abroad will provide student creative writers with the opportunity to live and write in one of the world’s most artistically vibrant and historically relevant cities: Florence, Italy.

Workshops will meet three times per week in a Renaissance-era palazzo in Florence’s Historic City Center. Here, the workshop leader will guide you as you write your way around the city and the region, and help to blend the images and emotions that you experience into your fiction, which you’ll then present to the workshop. Along the way, the class also will read and discuss the work of writers whose experiences of Florence and Tuscany influenced their craft; engage in several historical, art-themed, and literary-focused guided walks around Florence; and participate in guided cultural field trips to neighboring Tuscan towns. You will be housed in shared fully equipped apartments in the Florence city center, and you’ll have ample free time for exploring the region and country on your own. For six weeks, you will be a working writer in Florence, Italy. As writers, scholars, and students of the world, you’ll be taken away from the familiar, enabling you to see the world from a new perspective.

This course fulfills English major requirement: Creative Writing requirement of General English Studies concentration, Creative Writing Workshops requirement of Creative Writing concentration, English for Early Childhood or Elementary Education concentration, and Writing minor.

Florence, Italy