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Preparation of Purchase Order

The Purchase Order ("PO") constitutes the vendor's authority to provide and invoice for the goods and/or services specified therein. A PO is generated by the Procurement Services Department on the basis of the information provided in the purchase requisition. The PO must include the following information:

  1. Name, Address and FEIN of Vendor: The vendor's name on the PO must be the same as the name of the company that will invoice the order. The vendor's FEIN is required to allow entry of the vendor in the Banner system.
  2. Description of Product/Service: A description of the type and quantity of goods and/or the nature of the services being purchased and the dates upon which they are to be provided.
  3. Delivery Information: The delivery date must be specified. When applicable, special instructions including location of delivery, time of day of delivery, and/or special handling instructions should be included.
  4. Price: When price is based on a competitive quotation or bid, reference should be made to the quotation or bid number. If the order is to be placed against a master contract, the price, contract award number, and contract source must be identified. When a Purchase Order is issued against a contract executed by another state agency (DAS, DOIT, CSUS or CCPG contract) the following language should be included: "The terms of (Specify Type) Contract Award # ______ are hereby incorporated by reference and shall be a part of this order."
  5. Warranty of Equipment: Although a manufacturer may provide a standard written warranty, CSUS can seek to negotiate any aspect of the warranty it determines to be in its best interest, such as the period or extent of the warranty. If a delay is anticipated in putting purchased equipment into service, one of two options should be pursued:• Scheduling the delivery to coincide with the date the equipment can be used. This option minimizes the risk of damage in storage and eliminates questions about the warranty on-site date; or• Negotiation of a deferred warranty.
  6. Payment Terms: Payment must be made within forty-five (45) days of receipt of a validly executed invoice, with the exception of small business contractors, which must receive payment no later than thirty (30) days from receipt of a validly executed invoice.
  7. Free on Board (F.O.B.): Whenever possible, purchase orders should be clearly marked F.O.B. Destination (not F.O.B. Shipping Point), with freight either included in the product cost or prepaid and added to the amount due under the invoice.
  8. Authorized Signature: Authorized personnel are required to sign each PO. Authority to sign documents is specified per Board of Trustees Resolution No. BR#07-14).
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