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Service Expo & Awards


Each Spring, the Center for Community Engagement holds an annual Service Expo that allows the student leaders to highlight the work completed and impact they have had on the Willimantic Community.  This event is showcased to the Eastern Campus and Willimantic Community.

The Center for Community Engagement seeks nominations for recognition of students, faculty, and community partnerships in collaboration with Eastern programming. These categories exemplify the challenges and success of positive engagement within the Greater Windham Community. Awards are presented to recognized individuals and partnerships achieving excellence in their community during the year. Awards are also given to selected program presentations created by Student Leaders.


Award Categories for Community Members:

  • Student Community Engagement Award: Given to a student who has created positive change at Eastern and in surrounding communities while demonstrating a commitment to improve the lives of others.
  • Faculty/Staff Community Engagement Award: Given to a faculty or staff member at Eastern whoccar influences students to create positive change in addressing social justice for surrounding neighborhoods and communities.
  • Community Partner Engagement Award: Given to a member of the community who has demonstrated commitment to civic engagement as this individual inspires others to take action, make an impact toward social, educational or environmental justice.
  • Community Event Award: This award recognizes either a Special Event or a Community Program partnership that will have a lasting impact on the local community including shared knowledge, resources and empowerment.
  • Service Learning Award: This award recognizes students and/or faculty who apply their academic knowledge to solve real-life community problems and challenges. Through their service-learning, the ideal candidate(s) must demonstrate their integrity and academic excellence to the community while showcasing their social awareness and passion for social, educational or environmental justice.


Recognition is given in the following categories to student leaders regarding their impact on the community:

  • Broadening Horizons: A program wworking with underserved communities, or marginalized groups to support education, economic stability, or integration into the community.
  • Leadership Development:  A program that pprovides opportunities for individuals to develop personal leadership skills and/or team efforts. This category may also include confidence building activities and other leadership traits.nwe
  • Strengthening Families and Communities: The program demonstrates a clear purpose in working collaboratively with community to strength the individuals being served.
  • Kids First: The program supports children and adolescents through tutoring/mentoring. The program is utilizing resources in the community to best support the children mentally, emotionally, and physically by putting the kids first.
  • Support Our Schools: The program allows the students to apply their knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to be put into real life as well as practical application.