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The Center for Community Engagement works to create sustainable, effective, and productive relationships with the Willimantic Community that benefit students, faculty, our partners, and the community we serve. Our volunteers play a huge role into helping the needs of the community.


Community Programs are weekly events where a student commits to going to the same site each week on a specific day and time. These programs consist of working with afterschool, adult, or the elderly population.  Volunteers will gain an in-depth understanding of the needs of the community and build leadership skills to take with them into their professions.




Special Events are one-time events created around a specific issue or need in the community. There are many opportunities throughout the year to participate in a special event.  Events consist of blood drives, garden projects, mobile food pantries, holiday themed events, mental health events, and much more.


Service-Learning is a learning strategy that Integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience. It also Teaches civic responsibility to Strengthen communities. Many Eastern faculty offer courses that incorporate projects to benefit students and the community. Students are able to apply what they learn in the classroom to real life experiences. The CCE tracks student hours and sends an end of semester report to faculty with hours completed.  Service learning opportunities at Eastern have included:

  • Business plan design for Willimantic small businesses
  • Website analysis of user interface
  • Graphic design of posters, brochures for area nonprofits
  • Tutoring and mentoring in area schools
  • Assistance with programs addressing food insecurity and those experiencing homelessness
  • Engagement with he elderly population
  • Working with individuals in their recovery
  • Deeper understanding of the local Latinx community

All of our program opportunities can be found on E-WEB.