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Classrooms at CFDRC



The toddler classroom at the Child and Family Development Resource Center provides children, from ages 18 months to 3 years old, with a safe and nurturing environment where they can explore the world using their newly developing skills and abilities. The soft, spacious, engaging classroom is full of natural sunlight, with windows that are just the right height for toddlers to look out and wave hello and. goodbye. Every detail is designed to help children feel secure and content, with attractive wood cabinets, rounded counters and soothing colors that both comfort and stimulate them. The in-class kitchen, soft furnishings, and cozy, carpeted play centers are sure to remind toddlers of home. All spaces are built on a child level, so even the youngest members of our program can learn to find and put away their own toys, care for their toileting and hand washing needs, pour their own juice and serve themselves lunch.

The curriculum for toddlers emphasizes building relationships with peers, as well as the warm, responsive caregivers who teach them. There are daily opportunities for large motor activities—indoors and outside–that include running, climbing, riding toys and more. Toddlers have their own playground and can be found exploring the university campus in their very own baby buggy. There are indoor areas for dramatic play, reading, blocks, manipulative’s, creative art , and cozy private spaces. A focus of the curriculum is on providing rich, sensory experiences that promote the development of the senses and intellectual growth. The center enrolls eight toddlers every year who are cared for by an experienced and well-trained staff that includes a head teacher, teacher associate, university assistants, student workers and early childhood education students.



The preschool classrooms at the Child and Family Development Resource Center provide a rich and engaging educational experience for 3-, 4-, and 5-year-old children from the local and university communities.

Bathed in natural sunlight, the classrooms are warm and inviting, reminiscent of a home environment that says “children and families are welcome here.” Careful attention to every detail is evidenced by the soft paint colors, natural wood floors, and giant windows. Classrooms open directly onto a back patio for outdoor projects and raised garden beds for planting. Each preschool classroom enrolls a maximum of 15 children. The center is open from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm and runs year round. All classrooms are staffed with exceptionally well-trained professionals, including a head teacher, teacher associate and university assistant.The center also employs work study students and collaborates with the university faculty to provide early childhood education students with opportunities for field placements, research opportunities and classroom observations.

Every classroom has three mounted cameras which allow parents, students, staff, and faculty to view classroom life, without disturbing children’s activities.

We are fortunate to include as part of our staff, faculty members who provide expertise in physical education, music, and yoga as part of the curriculum. The daily schedule provides a balance of indoor and outdoor activities. In inclement weather, the children utilize the gross motor equipment available in what is known as “The Great Room”—a colorful, sun-filled, carpeted space for riding, running, climbing and dancing. The Center is equipped with a children’s kitchen-a perfect setting for small group cooking– and an art studio where children are free to explore, create, invent and collaborate.