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Gifts in Memory and in Honor

The university is thankful for the thoughtful individuals who chose to remember a family member, loved one, colleague or friend through a gift in their memory or honor. Such gifts have been made in honor or memory of the following individuals. For those individuals who had multiple gifts made in their memory/honor, the number of gifts in indicated after their name.

In Memory of...

Marshall Atwater
Elaine Berk (3)
Patricia Blevins
Paul and Davis Burton
Ed Chibeau
Lawrence Colvin
Eldon Downing
Ed Drew
Desi Fiondella
Victoria Gagliardi LaCava
Irene M. Gantick'53
Jean Guosler
John F. Kearney
Steve A. Kenton
Bill Landers '87
Mary C. Martin'82
Maggie McCaw
Anthony Montano
Ruth B. Myers
Hilda Iris Negrón
Coach Tom Nevers
David Roth
Joshua James Sawyer
Charles Senteis
Thomas Serra
Dr. Schneiderman
Margaret Shea
Doris Steples
Ian Sullivan '07 (5)
Rory Sullivan
Paul Swiff Mother
Sandy Taylor
Chance Thompson
Joyce Warner
Frank Wojciechowski
Douglas Zimmerman

In Honor of...

Angela Atwater
Colin Bockus
Cayden Boukus
Danielle R. Chaput
Natalie Creem Feld
Kathryn Cumiskey Ortsman
Dr. Paul Denedict
Nikole Doolittle Shultis
Evey DuVal '22
Wendi Everton
Louis Goldfarb
Jedidiah Lane
Taylor (Angel) Lavery ‘23
Marcia McGowan
Socrates Mihalakos
Mary Anne Milner
Jennifer Mouland '15
Coach Tom Nevers
President Núñez
Beth Regan
Dr. Philip Roth
Dr. Roth
Dorothy Service
Samantha Shatas
Megan Silver
Jeff Trawick-Smith
Riley Waterfield '23
Margaret Wilson
Dr. R. Yulo
All Vietnam Veterans
My brother, nephews and many friends who also chose to continue their education after serving
the Men's Baseball team