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Gifts in Memory and in Honor

The university is thankful for the thoughtful individuals who chose to remember a family member, loved one, colleague or friend through a gift in their memory or honor. Such gifts have been made in honor or memory of the following individuals. For those individuals who had multiple gifts made in their memory/honor, the number of gifts in indicated after their name.

In Memory of...

David B. Allyn
Marshall Atwater (17)
Mr. and Mrs. Les Benson
Joel Blain
Davis Burton (6)
Paul Burton (3)
Andrej Cavarkapa
Larry Colvin'64
David Dlugos '83
Cynthia A. Dolph McKenna (2)
Alf Dyrland
David Enggas (6)
Joan Grabowski '57
Francis and Dorothy Geissler
Ellen Gillette
Deacones Gladys
Helen Hand
Edward and Margaret Higgins
Richard and Lillian Hyde
Dr. William Jahoda
Elsie Jolly (2)
Wendy Jolly Ciparelli (2)
Andy Jones
Dennis Jones Sr.
Jane Keleher
K. Narayan Kutty
Michael Leonard
John Lescoe
Joseph Macione
Lorraine Malone
Caroline Mirtl
Becky Morrone Selano '71
Coach Thomas Nevers (2)
Hyman and Sonny Reiner
Hal Ridgeway
Dr. Grace C. Rovozzo
Joshua Sawyer
Cindy Scheffer
Thomas J Serra (2)
Dorothy Service (3)
Victoria Leigh Soto
John St. Onge
Francis Sullivan
Ian Sullivan (2)
Clyde Washburne
Sandy Alexander Taylor
Margaret Wilson
Nathan Williams
Frank Wojciechowski
Rick Wolf
Doug Zimmerman

In Honor of...

1953 Classmates
Class of 1983
Jackie Abbott
Ryan and Rachel Adams
Dr. Carter
Dr. Carmen Cid
Natalie Creem Feld birth of Nathan Feld
Ashley Cubberly '21
Brandon Cubberly '23
Gloria and Paul Drouin
Milton Jackson
Dr. Steven Kenton
Hari Koirala
Prof. Ross Koning
Jennifer Mouland
Juan and Carmen Nunez
Beverlt Russo-Graduate '79
Bill Sisco
Dr. Gussie Paster Sitkin
Dr. Switchenko
Samantha Warshauer
Dr. Ralph Yulo