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Reusable Take-Out Containers

In Fall 2017, Hurley Dining Hall implemented reusable take-out containers in replacement of the old, paper disposable ones. Doing so has removed around 66,000 paper take-out containers a year from the waste stream (33,000 a semester), saving both money and reducing environmental impact. These new containers are BPA and Melamine free and are also created from 50% recycled material.

The idea is simple, buy one reusable take-out container and you can use it over and over again. With the motive, "Give 1 – Get 1", simply drop off your used take-out container at Hurley Hall and pick up a clean one to use for lunch or dinner.

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A Reminder It is your responsibility to ensure your reusable take-out container does not get lost or damaged. Below are some frequently asked questions you may have concerning the new reusable take-out containers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A: Yes, the containers are microwavable and free of BPA and Melamine chemicals.
  • A: Yes, you will have to pay for another container if you have lost yours.
  • A: Yes, you will have to pay for a new container if you broke yours.
  • A: If your reusable container broke from everyday wear and tear, then your container will be replaced for free. This will be decided by the dinning staff however.
  • A: The cost of a reusable take-out container is $5 and can be purchased at Hurley Dinning Services with either cash or Eastern’s Express Cash.
  • A: You do NOT have to clean your reusable container as they will be cleaned for you when you return them to Hurley Dinning Hall.
  • A: You may buy as many reusable containers as you would like, however, you may only bring one reusable container at a time to the dinning hall.
  • A: No, all sales are final when you purchase a reusable container.
  • A: When you arrive to Hurley Dinning Hall with your dirty, reusable container, simply drop your container off in the bin and then take a clean one to use.
  • A: Currently, the reusable containers can only be used at Hurley Hall.