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Published on December 17, 2021

Psych Science Poster Session Fall 2021

Our previously-annual Psych Science Poster Session returned in-person on December 1st with 39 student presentations:

  1. Noelle Ciccarelli, Parenting Styles and Gender Differences in Self-Esteem. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Cousins). Best Poster Winner!
  2. Kyleigh Burke, The Relationship Between Social Media Use and Self-Esteem in College Students. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Cousins).
  3. Vienna Whalen, The Relationship Between Feminism, Gender Roots, Social Rejection, and Self-Esteem. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Cousins).
  4. Ayla Thurstan, Relationship Experiences and Feelings. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Cousins).
  5. Tatyana Herbert, What Determines the Willingness to Vaccinate. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Cousins).
  6. Kayla Brolin, Comparing Anxiety, Depression, and Stress Levels in Cisgender and Transgender. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Cousins).
  7. Tyra Bergstrom, Attachment Style and Emotion Regulation: How Fear of Intimacy Impacts Coping. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Cousins). Best Poster Winner!
  8. Matt Benjamin, Relationship Between Video Games and Problem Solving. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Cousins).
  9. Sierra Nastasi, Sarah Eslami, Dr. Cousins, Dr. Fugere, The Resistance to Mate Guarding Scale Possess Reliability in a Male Sample. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Cousins).
  10. Johnathon Deneault, Video Games and Aggression in Young Adults. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Cousins).
  11. Trinity Perez, Objects of Sexual Desire: How Sexual Objectification Can Influence Perceived Risk of Crime on Black and White Women. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Lee).
  12. Kelsey Boyington, The Relationship Between Social Network, Communication, and Relationship Satisfaction. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Lee).
  13. Alexis Guimond, The Increase of Working Out Increases Motivation and Happiness. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Lee).
  14. Brianna Davis, Emotional Intelligence, Relationship Quality, and General Life Happiness Amongst College Students. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Lee).
  15. Cynthia D. Mandujano, The Relationship Between Love Styles and Relationship Satisfaction. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Lee).
  16. Elizabeth M. Hasara, Traditional Opinions on Gender and Rape. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Lee).
  17. Rosie Luther, “Amen”: Religiosity in College Students and its Relationship with Shame and Self-Regulation. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Lee).
  18. Doug Capazzi, Reaction Time and Video Games. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Lee).
  19. Seth Hallbauer, Examining the Relationship Between Fear of Missing Out and Problematic Smartphone Use. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Lee).
  20. Samantha Richard, Self-Esteem and Procrastination: Exploring Relations and Gender Differences Among College Students. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Lee).
  21. Matthew Wojciechowski, Gender Differences in Risk-Taking Behaviors and Levels of Impulsivity. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Lee).
  22. Gabriel Lyon, The Relationship Between Intelligence and Religiosity. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Lee).
  23. Sister Veronica Rose Martens, Religiosity, Life-Satisfaction, and Physical Health. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Lee).
  24. Macee Barry, The Effects of Curiosity and Dominance on Impulsive Behaviors. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Lee).
  25. Fritz P. Acurantes Jr., Relationship Between Stress and Physical Activity. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Lee).
  26. Tarah Bernard, The Effect of Social Media and Gender Differences on Life Satisfaction Among University Students. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Lee).
  27. Jalaena Rock, The Relationship Between Social Media Use, Social Comparison, and Depression. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Lee).
  28. Bethany Turner, The Associations Between Narcissism, Aggression, and Depression. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Lee).
  29. Larda Yottivong, Investigating the Relationship Between Social Media Use, Self-Esteem, and Body Image. (Project Supervisor: Dr. McCulloch).
  30. Megan Ryan, Reduction of Compulsive Skin Picking Using a Deposit Contract. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Diller).
  31. Jacob Lee, An Exploratory Single-Subject Self-Study Examining the Role of In Vivo and Imaginal Exposure in Reducing Fear of Social Situations. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Diller).
  32. Jacob Lee, Effects of Simulated and Trait Alexithymia on Negative Emotionality and Frustration in Undergraduate Students. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Salters-Pedneault).
  33. Michael Leahy, Knowledge of Autism, Empathy, and Stigmatizing Views of Autism. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Salters-Pedneault). Best Poster Winner!
  34. Delaney Pike, Extraversion and Neuroticism Correlate with Depression. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Salters-Pedneault).
  35. Erin Loehmann, The Relationship Between Parenting Styles and the Emotional Intelligence of College Students. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Salters-Pedneault). Best Poster Winner!
  36. Zanè Chase, The Relationship Between Adult Attachments Styles, Race, and Relationship Satisfaction. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Salters-Pedneault).
  37. Julia Keller, The Relationship Big Five Personality Traits and Loneliness. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Salters-Pedneault).
  38. Blayne Wanner-Hyde, Attitudes Towards Menstruation and Percieved Health Quality of Life. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Salters-Pedneault).
  39. Gabrielle Palumbo, Relationship Between Family Relationship Quality and Community Engagement on Adolescent Substance Use. (Project Supervisor: Dr. Scisco).

You can see the Vimeo video slideshow of the event here: