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The Next SRI

At this time, we do not know whether we will be able to host another Summer Research Institute due to funding cuts by the university.


Past SRIs

  • This SRI was unfortunately cancelled to the coronavirus pandemic, which closed campus.
  • This SRI ran May 20 - 24, 2019 and was led by Dr. Cousins and Dr. Leszczynski.

    Students in 2019 SRI
    Students in 2019 SRI
    • Rafael Aragon, Effects of Parent's Education on Value Placed on Gendered Traits in Potential Mates
    • Karely Casas, Parental Influences on Gender Stereotypes & Sexism
    • Shirley Holloway, The Association Between Feminism and Gender Roles
    • Olivia Mott, Effects of Attractiveness on Perceived Characteristics
    • Sierra Nastasi, Perceptions of Men and Women in Gender Stereotypical Sports
    • Gabrielle Palumbo, Perceptions of Female and Male Suspects
    • Alexandra Peters, Personality and Prejudice: Examining the Relationship Between the Big Five and Racism
    • Gracie Schauster, Spirituality, Contact, and LGBTQ+ Community
    • Bethany Turner, Education, Microaggression, & Aversive Racism
    • Michel Valencia, Parental Education, Preparation for Bias on Level of Racism and Prejudice

    See their posters (large-page PDF)

  • This SRI ran May 14 - 18, 2018 and was led by Dr. Lanagan-Leitzel and Dr. Cordón.

    2018 SRI Students
    Students in 2018 SRI
    • Montserrat Amieva-Ramos, The Usage of Food Influencing Emotion
    • Mia Black-Graham, The Relationship between Facial Fixations and Self-Esteem
    • Ashley Cubberly, The Impact of Audio Distractions on Accuracy and Confidence in Visual Searches
    • Taylor DeJulia, Taste Perception of Colour
    • Ryley LaPointe, Tracking Pupil Dilation While Multitasking
    • Brooke Lemons, How Do We Recognize Faces?
    • Olivia Mott, Impact of Colors on Moods and Emotions
    • Genesis Ramon, Social Media Influence on Eating Behavior
    • Colleen WarnerRelationship Between Accuracy and Confidence in Identifying Color Contrast

    See their posters (large-page PDF)

  • This SRI ran May 18 - 24, 2017 and was led by Dr. Scisco and Dr. Dracobly.

    Students in 2017 SRI
    Students in 2017 SRI
    • Kelly Bielonko, The Effects of Health Consciousness and Familiarity with Direct to Consumer Advertising on Perceptions of Natural Dietary Supplements and Their Prescription Counterparts
    • Jordan Gardiner, Nutritional Knowledge and Self Perception of Health Corresponding with the Ability to Match Front of Package Images with the Equivalent Nutritional Facts
    • Sarah Henckel, Perceptions of Health Based on Traffic Light Color-Coding on Nutrition Labels
    • Allison Lundy, Subtle vs. Explicit Messages: Consumer Motivation and Consumer Food Choices
    • Blake Mamaclay, The Relationships Between Health Consciousness, Color Preference, and Perceived Healthiness
    • Mikayla Oken, The Effect of a Mindful Eating Exercise on the Enjoyment and Willingness to Eat Disliked Foods
    • Tess Parker, Effects of Familiarity on Food Preference and Beliefs About Food
    • Sydney Spencer, The Effect of Social Facilitation on Meal Duration and Food Intake
    • Michael Tuttle, The Impact of Label Type on Perceived Healthiness and Label Comprehension
    • Courtney Welch, Effects of Store Brand vs. National Brand on Visual & Taste Preference

    See their posters (large-page PDF)

  • This SRI ran May 16 - 20, 2016 and was led by Dr. Diller and Dr. Escoto.

    • Jesse Bober, Emotional Intelligence and Electric Shock in Relation to Galvanic Skin Response
    • Nicole Bosse, The Relationship Between Social Networking and Stress Shown Through Galvanic Skin Response
    • Abigail Caselli, The Relations Between Heart Rate and Self-Critical Perfectionism from Induced Stress
    • Kayley Crooke, The Effects of Stress on Working Memory
    • Nathan Edwards, How Optimism Effects Heart Rate and Ability to Multitask
    • Elizabeth Hilton, The Relationship Between Stress, Perfectionism and Life Satisfaction
    • Yohan Krumov, Effects of Sleep Disturbance and Respiration Rate on Galvanic Skin Response and Heart Rate
    • Alondra Padilla, Are Stress Levels and Confidence Related?
    • Michael K. Pelletier, The Influence of Neuroticism and Extraversion
    • Malvina Pietrzykowski, The Relationship Between Spirituality, Stress, and Heart Rate During Induced Physiological Stress

    See their posters (large-page PDF)

  • This SRI ran May 11 - 15, 2015 and was led by Dr. Diller and Dr. Escoto.

    • Sydney Batchelder, Social Support and Public Speaking Stress
    • Christian Caravaglia, The Effects of Stress on Sleep Reactivity
    • Brianna Collins, Differences Between Mental and Physical Stress and Their Effect on Risk
    • Alyssa Daneault, The Effects of Physical Health on Stress Tolerance
    • Brian Duffany, Effect of Music on Reactance to Physiological Stress
    • Marisa LaBrecque, The Study of Self-Reported Anxiety Scores and Psychophysiological Responses During a Stressful Public Speaking Situation
    • Madison LaRusso, Extraversion in Relation to Psychological Stress Involving Mirror Tracing
    • Rachel Pilver, Effects of Cold Presser Stress on Working Memory
    • Rachel Scrivano, Chewing Gum During Sample SAT Mathematics Questions as a Coping Technique to Reduce Stress
    • Molly Smith, Effects of Self-Confidence as a Public Speaker on Physiological Response

    See their posters (large-page PDF)