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Sociology Major

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Why Study Sociology?

Sociologists investigate how people interact and behave within the structure of groups, organizations and societies. The subject of sociology ranges from the intimate family to the hostile mob; from the division of race, gender and social class to the shared beliefs of a common culture; and from the sociology of work to the sociology of sports.

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Why Study Sociology at Eastern?

Practicum and internship courses complement classroom instruction in the Sociology major and give students an opportunity to gain experience in one or more field placement settings. Sociology majors graduate ready for employment in community, business and organizational settings or for graduate level study in sociology, social work, law and other career fields. A Sociology minor is also available to other majors.

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Salary Potential


Median salary, Sociologists (with master’s)


Salary range

* U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Why have an employability handbook for Sociology?
  • To raise your awareness of what employability is
  • To explain how your employability is enhanced by majoring in Sociology at Eastern
  • To draw your attention to the many complementary opportunities beyond the major that can help you to further enhance your employability
  • To introduce you to the wide range of employment options for Sociology graduates

Hands-on Learning

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Sociology majors are placed at internships on campus, in local after-school programs and at local non-profits.

Members of the Best Buddies club


Sociology majors join service-oriented student clubs such as Best Buddies and People Helping People.

Best Buddies
Group shot of the members of Alpha Kappa Delta sociology honor society

Honor Society

Many sociology majors join Alpha Kappa Delta, the sociology honor society. Getting involved in the society is an opportunity to grow intellectually and collaborate with other students and academics in service.

Alpha Kappa Delta

Career Options

  • Social services
  • Community work
  • Government services
  • Health services
  • Journalism
  • Policing
  • Human Resources
  • Advertising
  • Guidance counselor
  • Librarian/Researcher

Successful Alumni

Graduates of Eastern’s sociology program are employed in businesses throughout the region; in Connecticut’s departments of Social Services, Education and Corrections; in local and state police departments; and U.S. Immigration Services, to name some places of employment.

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For more information
(860) 465-0016

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Alumni Testimonials

Roberto Rosado ’16
Willimantic Police Department

Roberto Rosado ’16

Robert Rosado was sworn in as commanding officer of the Willimantic Police Department in 2016. “If you’re in a place like Willimantic, which is very diverse, sociology is an important field. Every culture, every group of people has a different way of thinking, so as law enforcement we need to be understanding of that.”

Kiyana-Nicole Smith ’24
Sociology / ECE Double Major

Kiyana-Nicole Smith ’24

Kiyana-Nicole interned as a teacher assistant in sociology, providing guidance to students and taking notes on teaching strategies. For anyone looking for an internship, Smith said, “Try it for the experience. Find something you are interested in and see if it aligns with your career path. If not, that’s okay too. Keep an open mind because you never know what you may or may not like.”

Luis Rivera ’22
Sociology Major/Poli.Sci. Minor

Luis Rivera ’22

Luis completed an internship at the Department of Children and Families, assisting case workers with assessments, visiting families and working with a runaway adolescent. He discovered he has a passion for social services. “I can see myself working in social services for the rest of my life. I love the feeling of helping people and helping our social structures.”

Liselotte Hammer ’18
University of Bristol

Liselotte Hammer ’18

Liselotte Hammer is pursuing a master’s degree in sociology and criminology at the University of Bristol in England. “I had the best experience at Eastern. The classes were outstanding, my fellow students provided such a strong support system, but the best part was the professors. Every single one of them went out of their way to make sure their students understand the material.”

Jennifer Portella ’17
Financial Aid Counselor

Jennifer Portella ’17

Jennifer is a financial aid counselor at the University of St. Joseph. “I enjoy studying human interactions and how people present themselves in society. The study of sociology taught me to consider the societal factors that influence individuals and groups. I learned how to gather information, assess it, analyze it and incorporate theories about human behavior to help me better understand people.”

Tanika Mangum ’06
Outreach Manager

Tanika Mangum ’06

Tanika is the Outreach Relationship Manager for the United Negro College Fund. “At Eastern I was inspired by a diverse group of students and experiences that helped develop my leadership skills.”