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Social Work Major

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Why Study Social Work?

Social work is an ideal career if you want to improve the lives of others. Social workers listen to peoples' needs and help them cope with challenging life circumstances. Social work provides practitioners with diversity and autonomy in their work settings and opportunities for creativity and intellectual stimulation. Social workers also have the opportunity to relieve human suffering while making a lasting difference for individuals, communities and society as a whole.

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Why Study Social Work at Eastern?

The Social Work major prepares social work professionals to advance social justice and human rights effectively. Students graduate ready to serve diverse client populations, especially those most vulnerable and oppressed. More than 50 percent of Eastern social work graduates go directly into MSW programs and most pursue graduate education within five years of completing their BSW degree.
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Salary Potential


Median Salary Child, family and school social workers


Salary Range

* U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Hands-on Learning

Students helping at community garden


Social Work students intern for local social service agencies and non-profit organizations such as the Windham Community Good Network.

Members of the Social Work club


Social Work majors also serve the community, focus on issues of social justice and gain valuable leadership skills through membership in the Social Work student club.

Social Work Club
Group shot of Phi Alpha, the Social Work honor society

Honor Society

The Phi Alpha Honor Society provides Social Work majors with recognition and the opportunity to work together on humanitarian issues.

Phi Alpha

Career Options

A social work degree from Eastern opens the door for employment in roles ranging from counselors to case managers, advocates and organizers in diverse settings such as:

  • Schools
  • Child welfare
  • Family services
  • Mental health
  • Substance abuse
  • Gerontology
  • Community agencies
  • Domestic violence
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Military and veterans

Successful Alumni

Recent Eastern graduates who earned a bachelor’s degree or a minor in social work are employed in schools, child welfare and family service agencies, mental health programs, substance abuse treatment, hospitals, community agencies and domestic violence programs. Others have been admitted to MSW programs at Boston College, Columbia University, Fordham University, New York University, the University of Pennsylvania and Washington University.

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For more information
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Alumni Testimonials

Sarah Tricarico ’18
Social Work

Sarah Tricarico ’18

Sarah was a student leader in Eastern’s Center for Community Engagement. "The Center for Community Engagement allows you to apply the knowledge you gain in classes to real-world situations," she said. "It has directed me to become a social worker and has helped me get real-life experiences in the field. I have participated in a broad range of programs at the center, and I feel it has expanded my interests."

Kevin Douglas ’08
United Neighborhood Houses

Kevin Douglas ’08

Kevin is the co-director of policy and advocacy at United Neighborhood Houses (UNH), a New York City nonprofit organization that serves more than 500,000 people. “I was inspired by Eastern’s social work faculty; they taught me the ethos and code of the social work profession, and showed me that it is possible to make a career out of the desire to do ‘good.’”

Adilsa Encarnacao ’18
Social Work

Adilsa Encarnacao ’18

Adilsa was a student leader at Eastern’s Center for Community Engagement. "Not only is the work rewarding and impactful, but I was also able to be part of a family where we all shared the same passion for serving the community. As a future social worker, the CCE allowed me to get hands-on experience with many different populations and age groups.”

Jillian Lode ’19
Social Work

Jillian Lode ’19

Jillian was a student leader with Eastern’s Center for Community Engagement. “I feel that it is important to get to know the community your school is surrounded by. Eastern volunteer students gain understanding of how life is like beyond campus and learn how to interact with people that may be different from them,” she said. “It sets a student apart from another if they have background in community service.”

Eden Rivera ’16
Research Assistant

Eden Rivera ’16

Social Work major Eden Rivera received her master's degree in social work at UCONN and works there as a graduate research assistant in Puerto Rican Studies. “If it wasn’t for Eastern’s social work program, I wouldn’t have decided to become an advocate for marginalized people or an ‘agent of change’ with the goal of alleviating systems of oppression imposed upon communities in need.”

Steven Bagley ’12

Steven Bagley ’12

Social Work major Steven Bagley is a clinician at Wamogo Regional High School. “Eastern’s social work program unequivocally changed the way I view the world and operate as a clinician. Lively classroom discussions enriched my learning while field experiences reinforced the material. It is because of the rigor of Eastern’s social work program that I hold myself to the highest standards of practice.”

Chrisann Johnson ’15
In-Home Therapist

Chrisann Johnson ’15

Social Work major Chrisann Johnson is an in-home therapist at South Bay Community Services in Springfield, MA. “Eastern taught me to consider the holistic perspective of a client’s life, not just one domain. Now I constantly validate and show empathy to the families I work with, which is important for building rapport.”