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Intro to Filmmaking (July 16 - July 21)

Instructor: Professor Brian Day

Introduction to Filmmaking is just that, an introduction to making a film. Students will explore the art and craft of making a short film. Students will learn about professional opportunities in film and entertainment. Students will learn about the various artistic crafts that work together to create a film.

Open to students entering Grades 10, 11 or 12 this fall.

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Draft Schedule (Subject to Change)



Overview of a film.  What makes a film?   

Screen sample short films and discuss 

Brainstorming ideas


Script work  

Editing Software Instruction


Script Discussions   

Planning Your Projects – scheduling, locations, production design   

Sound Recording – microphones and proper sound recording  

Camera Recording- cameras and framing


Camera Recording – more framing rules and shot sizes

Group work on your film projects  


Review of filming projects 

Editing of films

Screen completed films  

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