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Meeting the Stage Two Requirement for Biochemistry Majors

All Biochemistry majors admitted Fall 2011 or after must satisfy this requirement in order to graduate

Stage Two Requirements

Biochemistry majors are required to take the same two sophomore level biology courses as biology majors, BIO 220 Cell Biology with Lab and BIO 230 General Genetics with Lab. Evaluation of lab reports written in these two courses will be used to meet the Stage Two Writing Requirement for students majoring in Biochemistry. Biochemistry majors are required to keep a portfolio of the final versions of the lab reports from these courses and submit this portfolio to the Writing Committee for the Biochemistry Major in the Department of Physical Sciences.

Submission Process

  1. All final lab reports should be submitted electronically as a single merged file in PDF format
    1. file name format: Students name_entrance year_BioChemintwriting.pdf
      example: JohnSmith_2013_BioChemintwriting.pdf
    2. Failure to submit the material in the proper form that can be evaluated by faculty will result in a failing grade for the graduation requirement so make certain you file you material correctly.
  2. 2. Material should be emailed as an email attachment to with the subject line “Biochemistry stage 2 intermediate writing requirement”
  3. Your material will be evaluated by the Writing Committee for the Biochemistry Major in the Department of Physical Sciences and a grade of “pass” or “no pass” will be reported.
    1. A “Pass” grade will be reported to the registrar and will be indicated on your degree evaluation.
    2. A “no pass” grade on the basis of the quality of the lab reports in the submitted portfolio will require the student to rewrite at least two of the lab reports in the portfolio under the guidance of one of the members of the Committee and resubmit them for evaluation. This process will continue until the necessary grade of “pass” is given the Committee.
  4. 4. Transfer Students: It is unusual that a transfer student will have been given transfer credit for both BIO 220 and BIO 230. If a transfer student has credit for one of these courses, the “pass” or “no pass” grade will be based upon the lab reports written in the course taken at Eastern. If both courses have been given transfer credit, the Writing Committee will assign a writing assignment based on the material covered in the transferred courses to be evaluated as indicated above.