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Center for Early Childhood Education Videos Promote Good Teaching Habits

Published on February 24, 2015

Center for Early Childhood Education Videos Promote Good Teaching Habits

Eastern Connecticut State University’s Center for Early Childhood Education has released two videos that provide early childhood educators tips on how to turn classrooms into better learning environments and how to engage toddlers and preschoolers in ways that will foster learning more effectively.

The first video highlights the work of the teachers at the Child and Family Development Resource Center (CFDRC) and is titled “Redesigning the Green Room.” This video focuses on teacher Cynthia DeJesús, who explains the roles that each section of the classroom plays and subsequently arranges the classroom so that the layout best suits the needs of the children. This video can serve as a valuable resource to fellow teachers or anyone who works with children by analyzing how to effectively use the provided space to foster creativity, imagination and ultimately learning among children. The video was developed by Julia DeLapp, Sean Leser and Ken Measimer.

The second video, titled “Investigating Pathways,” is the sixth installment of the “e-clips” video series, which teaches educators how to engage young children in a variety of useful learning experiences. This particular installment has toddlers and preschool students follow pathways, such as the paths through Eastern’s campus, and then inform their teacher what they notice along these paths. By exposing children to the concept of pathways, children can learn appropriate social conventions, in addition to learning that pathways, including sidewalks, are usually the safest route. Exposing children to these concepts causes them to think critically about something that they might not have considered before and ultimately contributes to their education. Four members of the CFDRC faculty, Patricia Gardner Amie Theriault, Cynthia DeJesús and director Niloufar Rezai, are featured in the video. DeLapp and Measimer once again contributed to the development while two communication students, Sarah Pierce and Hannah Giuffre, assisted with production.

The two videos can be found under the “Videos” tab on the Center for Early Childhood Education’s website at

Written by Ryan King