New Resources and Developments

New Video: Using a Visual Schedule
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10/30/17: In the latest video from the Teaching Strategies series, preschool teacher Patricia Lee describes how she uses a visual schedule to help children know what to expect throughout the day. Young children can refer to the pictures on the schedule independently to see what comes next, which can help them to regulate their own behavior.

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Videos for Infant and Toddler Teachers
Supporting Physical Development in Infants 300x300

10/5/17: Did you know that the Center for Early Childhood Education has a dozen videos that focus on supporting infants and/or toddlers? Several of our Investigating videos show how a toddler classroom approached an in-depth investigation, and seven other videos focus solely on supporting very young children.

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New Video About Following Children’s Interests
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5/17/17: In the latest video in the Reflections from the Field series, preschool teacher Sydney Rodriguez describes how children in her classroom got excited about the idea of forming a band and performing for the entire center. She explains how she built on that interest by engaging children in a series of connected learning experiences, leading up to a culminating performance. She also reflects on the amount of time required to fully engage the children in all the steps of the process, and on the importance of regularly incorporating music into early childhood classrooms.

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Center Celebrates Ten Years!!
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The Center for Early Childhood Education is ten years old! Thanks to all of our supporters and partners who have helped us to achieve many things over the years. In celebration of this milestone, we've made a very short video summarizing our accomplishments to date.

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