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TIMPANI Toy for 2018 Revealed

12/4/18: The Center for Early Childhood Education has named Bottle Clix as this year's TIMPANI toy.

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New Video: Incorporating Math Into Gross Motor Play
Teacher with preschooler, filling dump truck with blocks sorted by color

3/20/18: In the latest video in the Reflections from the Field series, preschool teacher Jessica Abildgaard describes how she incorporated a sorting activity in an obstacle course using toy trucks to suit her student’s developmental needs. She explains how combining physical movement with toys can increase student’s mathematical enhancement in fun and creative ways.

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CECE Reaches One Million Views on Our YouTube Channel!!!

2/21/18: The center is thrilled to announce achieving one million views on our YouTube channel! To acknowledge this accomplishment (with a little bit of fun), we have released a short video, "Celebrating One Million Views."

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Eastern Announces Results of the 2017 TIMPANI Toy Study

12/6/17: Eastern has announced that the 2017 TIMPANI Toy is a set of plastic animals, an example of a replica play toy. The annual TIMPANI toy study investigates how young children play with a variety of toys in natural preschool settings. The toys are placed in preschool classrooms and scored on subscales of thinking and problem-solving, cooperation and social interaction, creativity and imagination, and verbalization. Student researchers videotape the children playing with the toys using hidden cameras and code the videos according to the study’s evaluation rubric.

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