New Resources and Developments

New Video on Documenting Children’s Learning
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Documenting how children are learning is an important activity for early childhood professionals to engage in on a regular basis. When adults engage in a variety of documentation practices, it can help them to assess learning, reflect on and adjust their teaching practices, support children to revisit their own learning, communicate with families, and advocate for their program. Judy Harris Helm, two preschool teachers, and one toddler teacher discuss why and how to document and discuss how documentation can be used.

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More Videos in the Supporting Mathematical Development Series
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The remaining videos in the series "Supporting Mathematical Development in Young Children" are now available! The latest videos focus on how young children develop an understanding of number operations, measurement, data, and geometry -- and share ideas for how early childhood educators can incorporate math learning throughout the day. (Previous videos focused on counting, one-to-one correspondence, cardinality, recognition of quantity, and comparison).

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New Tool for Faculty and Trainers
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The new Early Childhood Video Clip Library for Faculty and Trainers contains a collection of 300 video clips that were selected to provide opportunities for awareness and reflection. Each video clip illustrates an example of child development, shows an exemplary teaching/guidance practice, or provides a glimpse of ordinary happenings that may be used to spark discussion. Clips come from a variety of early childhood settings across Connecticut, including Head Start and Early Head Start programs, public schools, School Readiness programs, and family child care providers.

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Please Give Us Your Feedback!
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We need your help! As we make decisions about what opportunities to pursue, we need to know what you have found useful so far, how you are using our resources, and what you wish we were doing more of. Please help us gather some data about what the field needs by answering a brief survey. Thanks in advance for your help!

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