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New Media Studies Major: BA Degree Requirements

New Media Studies students complete 17–20 credits of Core Requirement courses drawn from five disciplines, 15 credits of courses drawn from at least three Interdisciplinary Explorations categories, 15–17 credits of a chosen concentration, and a capstone course of 3 or 4 credits, for a total of 49–56 credits.

All courses are three credits, unless otherwise noted.

I. Major Core Requirements (17–20 Credits)

  • NMS 110* Introduction to New Media Studies
  • NMS 220 Second Year Inquiry Seminar (1 Credit)
  • ART 124 Digital Imaging and Online Media
  • CSC 110# Introduction to Computing and Problem Solving
  • CSC 249*** Visual Basic.NET
  • ENG 206****^ Multimodal Writing Workshop (4 Credits)
  • THE 180** Performance in Context (When Topic is New Media)

II. Interdisciplinary Explorations (15–16 Credits)

Students select five courses in at least three categories.

  1. Cultural Representations
  2. Digital Applications
    • ART 213 Creating Information Graphics
    • COM 220/FLM 220 Video and Film Production
    • CSC 210 Computer Science and Programming I
    • CSC 220 Visualizing for Visual Thinking
    • EES 300 Basics of Geographic Information Systems
    • THE 345 Programming for Interactive Design
  3. Interactivity
    • ART 310 Web Design I
    • ART 343 Introduction to 3d Animation
    • CSC 212 Computer Game Design and Visualization
    • PSC 333 Constructing Political Ads
    • THE 285 Intermedial Performance Design I
  4. Sound and Image
  5. Text and Contexts
    • ENG 241 Critical and Creative Thinking
    • ENG 374 Rhetoric of the Hollywood Film
    • PSC 325 Politics and the Mass Media
    • THE 260 History/theory of Performance Media

III. Disciplinary Concentrations

 Students complete 18–20 credits in one concentration, including Level 3 Writing Intensive and Tier III LAC/capstone course.

#CSC 110 may be waived for students with 600 or above on SAT-Math exam
*approved substitution to meet Liberal Arts Core Tier I Social Sciences
**approved reuse to meet Liberal Arts Core Tier I Arts in Context
***approved reuse to meet Liberal Arts Core Tier II Applied Information Technology
****approved substitution to meet Liberal Arts Core Tier II Creative Expression
^meets Stage 2 University Writing Requirement
^^meets Stage 3 University Writing Requirement