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Multimedia Writing, Form & Analysis

Students in Eastern’s New Media Studies Major, unique with Connecticut’s state universities, will take courses across several disciplines – computer science, performing arts, communication, visual arts and more – as they prepare for careers in digital motion graphics, web development/design, game and app design, digital audio/video production, 2-D and 3-D animation, social media and digital art. Coursework includes conceptional and hand-solving skills while also developing competencies in digital media. Students will also learn about legal and ethical considerations surrounding new media.

Required Program Core Courses

Interdisciplinary Explorations

Multimedia Writing, Form & Analysis (18 Credits)

  • Select 15 Credits
    • ENG 207 Forms in Creative Writing (When NMS Topic)
    • ENG 230 Reading and Writing Electronic Literature
    • ENG 237 Re-presenting Books: Encoding Electronic Texts
    • ENG 306 Digital Rhetorics and Literacies
    • ENG 360 Digital Game Studies
    • ENG 362 Writing for Digital Environments
    • ENG 363 Copyright in the Digital Age
    • ENG 365 Topics in Literature/Language (When NMS Topic)
    • ENG 373 Studies in Rhetoric and Composition
    • ENG 383 Literary Publishing
  • Required Tier III Capstone Course (choose one course)
    • ENG 499^^ Directed Research
    • NMS 440 Interdisciplinary Signature Work

^^meets Stage 3 University Writing Requirement