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Services Provided

We see students by appointment with the physician, nurse practitioners. There is no cost to be evaluated. Please call our main number for an appointment.

Diagnostic testing, such as x-rays or more extensive laboratory tests are done off campus.

There is a minimal charge for some medications and supplies.

Our services include visits for illnesses, injuries and women's health services.

All medical visits and records maintained by the Health Service are confidential. No one outside the Health Service staff has access to them, and no one will be given information from them without your written consent.

Health Education

The Student Health Service offers educational and reference materials, programming, and professional consultation.

Allergy Shots

The dose schedule and allergens must be provided through a private allergist. We have a materials charge (syringes, alcohol wipes, etc.) of $15.00 per semester.


  • We currently do not provide vaccinations. All required vaccinations are offered at your Primary Care office or Pediatric Office. There are also multiple pharmacies that offer vaccinations.

* Prices are subject to change.

Other Health Resources