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PSA and Honoraria – Some Additional Tips

  1. The contractor as well as the appropriate University Officials sign the PSA/honorarium.
  2. The date on the Certified Resolution cannot pre-date the date that the PSA is signed. The Certified Resolution cannot be self-certified.
  3. Send Invoice to Accounts Payable for payment processing and list the Purchase order number.
  4. If a contractor’s travel expenses are to be reimbursed the PSA or Honorarium must state this and include the language, “receipts required for reimbursement.”
  5. Banner Funding information must be included on the PSA to ensure the proper encumbrance is recorded for the service.
  6. Do not forget to include or ask the Vendor to upload other documents that may be required such as:
    • Certified Resolution
    • Nondiscrimination Certification
    • W-9 (If not already on file)
    • Contract Affidavits (If amount is greater than $50K)
    • Dual Employment Request Form
    • Independent Contractor/Employee Questionnaire

All of these documents, plus other helpful information, can be found on the Purchasing Department Website: