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Moving Expense Policy


Qualified moving expenses will be reimbursed to new employees in accordance with State and Federal regulations. Allowable expenses cover the employee as well as their household members. ECSU will pay moving expenses either directly to a third party or as reimbursement to the employee.

Forms Required:

  • Employee Voucher XP17 and Other.
  • Employee's appointment letter.
  • All original invoices, and proof of payment documents, i.e. credit card statement, cancelled checks, paid receipts.


  • Only one trip from the old residence to the new residence will be reimbursed. (Not all household members must travel at the same time).
  • Reasonable costs for packing and moving of household goods and personal effects, which may include "in-transit" storage expenses.
  • Lodging while traveling from former residence to new residence.
  • One-way airfare, bus, or rail costs incurred in moving the employee and household members. If traveling by car, original receipts for gas and oil may be submitted, OR the trip can be reimbursed at the current rate of .575 cents a mile (rate as of January 2020) and is subject to change every year. Request must be accompanied by mileage verification.)
  • Toll payments (require original receipts).
  • Costs associated with auto depreciation, insurance and accidents are NOT qualified moving expenses.
  • Meals, pre-move house hunting, and temporary living expenses are NOT qualified moving expenses.

Employee should submit their request for moving expense reimbursement within (3) months after the move.

  • Employee must complete the CO-17XP, sign and date. Form must included appropriate Banner index and authorizing agent's signature.

Academic Recruitment - ACRC00, William Salka, Provost and VP for Academic Affairs
Administrative Recruitment - VPFA02, James Howarth, VP for Finance & Administration.

  • Employee submits completed form CO-17XP including all original invoices, proof of payment documents, and appointment letter to Associate. Director Accounts Payable for review and approval.
  • Accounts Payable forwards documents to HR (Compensation/Benefits Manager). Documents are then forwarded to Payroll for processing. The reimbursement will generally occur at the employee's next pay period and will not be subject to tax withholding.
  • Should the employee wish to have a vendor paid directly, a completed Request for Payment form must be submitted to Accounts Payable along with original vendor invoice and copy of the appointment letter.