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Severe Weather Procedures

Natural disasters can create emergency conditions which vary widely in scope, urgency, and in degree of damage and destruction. Upon receipt of early warning information the University Police dispatcher will notify on-duty police personnel and will notify the Director of Public Safety. After the initial evaluation has been made, other members of the Campus Incident Management Team will be notified.

As a severe weather condition approaches eastern Connecticut, frequent updates will be received by the University Police Department. This updated information will be transmitted to essential university personnel to allow the maximum amount of time to prepare and make decisions effecting the operation of the university. All hurricanes will be tracked and their positions plotted on a hurricane plotting map which will provide information as to the storm's latitude, longitude, wind speeds, as well as the direction and speed of the storm. The map will be kept in the University Police Department.

The Campus Incident Management Team will make every reasonable effort to secure and safeguard university property, but safeguarding of life will be the overriding consideration.