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Employability Liaisons

As part of the University's Employability Initiative, academic departments have identify a member of the staff to serve as an employability liaison to the Center for Internships and Career Development.  These connections are outlined below.
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Faculty Liaison

CICD Liaison

Accounting & BIS Cliff Marrett
Art & Art History Lana O'Connor
Biology Jon Hulvey Janice Patry
Communication Edmond Chibeau Lana O'Connor
Computer Science

Sara Tasneem

Garrett Dancik

Cliff Marrett
Economics & Finance Cliff Marrett

Laura Rodriguez

Mary-Grace Shifrin

Janice Patry
Environmental Earth Science Dickson Cunningham Janice Patry
English Lana O'Connor
Health Science Janice Patry
History Lana O'Connor
Kinesiology & Physical Education Janice Patry
Marketing & Management Cliff Marrett
Mathematical Sciences Marsha Davis Cliff Marrett
Performing Arts-Music

Jeff Calissi

Emily Riggs

Lana O'Connor
Performing Arts-Theatre

Brian Day

Lana O'Connor
Physical Sciences

Jon Toedt

Janice Patry
Political Science, Philosophy & Geography

Nicole Krassas

Lana O'Connor
Psychological Sciences


Janice Patry
Sociology, Anthropology, Criminology & Social Work*



Janice Patry

Social Work*

Eunice Matthews-Armsted

Cliff Marrett

World Languages & Cultures Lana O'Connor