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Study Abroad

ArizonaStudents Study Health Care in Ghana
Thirteen health sciences students traveled to Ghana, West Africa, in summer 2016 to learn about health care in a developing country.

EES Students Tour the Grand Canyon State
Nine environmental earth science (EES) students toured the state of Arizona in spring 2017 to examine its rich geological heritage.

Biology Students Explore Desert Regions of Southwest United States
A group of students research the desert ecosystems of the Mojave and Great Basin Desert regions in spring 2017.

Middle EastHistory Students Study Region Conflicts while in the Middle East
A group of history students traveled to the Middle East in March 2017 to learn about the various conflicts and histories of Israel, Jordan and the West Bank.

Students Writers Travel to Italy
Students from the English Department embarked on their annual global field course to Italy, where they wrote original works of fiction in summer 2016.