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Eastern Connecticut State University Writing Center seeks to support the development of student writers in a collaborative environment. The Center's trained undergraduate peer tutors can help you at all stages of the writing process, on assignments for any class. All writers benefit from feedback! We can help if you're struggling to figure out what an assignment is asking for, if you're stuck in the middle of a paper, if you need help coming up with a topic, if you want to know if your paper "flows", if you want to see if you cited your sources appropriately... We're here to be readers and consultants for you.

Writing Center Hours


A message from Dr. Rita Malenczyk, Director of the Writing Center

Hello students,

This is to let you know that the Writing Center tutors will be doing email tutoring as of Wednesday morning, March 25. If you wish to get feedback on your paper, please do the following:

--send an email to

--include the following in the email:

a) Explain the assignment to the tutor (you may also attach an assignment sheet)

b) Say what you would like help with (for example, organization, figuring out if the paper flows)

c) Attach the draft to the email as a Word document. 

What will happen then is that the tutor will comment on your paper with suggestions of what you might revise based on your questions and concerns. The tutor won’t edit your paper for you but will give you ideas and suggestions using the “comments” feature in Word, and you can then go make the revisions as suggested.

One important thing:

Please be patient with getting a response from the tutors. Because online tutoring takes longer and because the tutors are students themselves, they may not be able to respond right away so there may be a couple of days turnaround time. Please plan ahead and don’t send papers at the last minute, because the chances are we won’t be able to respond in time. Keep in mind also that the tutors won’t be working late at night but mostly during daytime hours. Thanks for understanding.

Rita Malenczyk
Library Rm. 134 / Webb Hall Rm. 254
(860) 465-0382
Ben Hall
Library Rm. 134
(860) 465-0382
Tutors on Duty
(860) 465-4639
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