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Student Affairs Employability Committee

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The mission of the Student Affairs Employability Committee is to collaborate among division units to create and share information and ideas intended to inspire division employers and supervisors to provide high-impact, transformative educational experiences for students employed within Student Affairs’ offices.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Create a “Career Toolkit” for supervisors in the Student Affairs Division and populate a website with career-related documents for all staff to use with student employees.
  2. Create and facilitate career development workshops/seminars that will contribute to the career readiness of our student employees.
  3. Assist units in developing pre- and post- evaluations/tests to measure success of employability efforts among staff, in alignment with the Student Employment Office requirements.
  4. Require student employees to participate in developing their 4-year career plan.
  5. Implement a division wide #SayItLikeAWarrior campaign to help students identify experiences that are relevant to future employment. Students will learn how to use language employers understand to describe the skills and competencies they have gained from the experiences.
  6. Assist units with inserting employability goals into yearly operating plans.
  7. Stay aware of University Employability Council activities and developments.

Committee Members 2020-2021