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Students expand horizons by studying abroad in spring 2024

Published on May 08, 2024

Students expand horizons by studying abroad in spring 2024

Rebeckah Rubin ’25
Rebeckah Rubin ’25

Each semester, students travel from Eastern Connecticut State University to study at various universities across the world. This semester, 12 students studied in Europe, South America, Asia and Australia.

Political science major Rebeckah Rubin ’25 studied at the Florence University of the Arts in Italy. While there, she took classes on street photography, the history of the Italian Renaissance, criminal justice, human rights and ethics. 

“Going abroad allowed me to take classes that are not offered at Eastern,” Rubin said. “It was extremely beneficial to learn about the Italian Renaissance in the movement's birthplace. This class allowed us to visit different museums and historical areas that we learned about in class.” She also found herself growing as a communicator, working around language barriers. 

Rubin said that she often had free time to travel regularly. “I went to a dozen different countries, as well as a few cities across Italy,” she said. “By being able to travel so much, I was able to see the different places I have been learning about for years, as well as meet people from across the world and get an introduction to their unique cultures.” 

“This experience has given me a whole new level of independence and has made me eager to continue seeing the world,” said Rubin, “as well as exploring potential future career opportunities abroad. This has been the greatest opportunity of my life, and the most impactful learning experience I will ever have.” 

Photo by Isabella Symington-St. John

Photo by Rebeckah Rubin

Photo by Isabella Symington-St. John

Psychology major Grace Elliott ’25 studied at the University of Geneva in Switzerland. While there, she worked in a neuroscience research laboratory looking at stress regulation in children ages six to 10. 

"The program is very independent, so I really had the opportunity to pursue personal interests," Elliott said. “This experience allowed me to get research experience alongside graduate students, giving me a taste of what graduate-level work entails.” 

During her time abroad, Elliot had the opportunity to travel to countries outside of Switzerland and learn from locals. “It was nice to be in an environment that is slower paced,” she said. “I could take a nice walk, sit outside a café and enjoy a coffee, or even take a longer lunch break if I needed it. I am hoping to integrate more of these moments into my daily life back home.” 

“Overall, I am just extremely grateful for all of the experiences I had,” said Elliot. “I tried to savor every moment.” 

Photo by Havi Brouillard

Photo by Rebeckah Rubin

Photo by Havi Brouillard

Meghan Wrobel

English major Havi Brouillard ’25 studied at Queen Margaret University in Scotland, where they explored many subjects including psychology and media studies.

“Studying abroad gave me a better understanding of how other countries approach education,” said Brouillard. “I now have a better understanding of how to apply my studies to the working world, as well as some good study habits. I also developed my group-work skills, since two of my classes required mostly group projects.”

Isabella Symington-St. John ’24
Isabella Symington-St. John ’24

Brouillard made a point to travel to small towns around Scotland to feel “like a local.” After a few months, they said they felt well-adjusted to the new environment. They said, “The food was also amazing, and I got to try a bunch of new dishes I never would have otherwise.”

“I missed the familiarity and connections I have (at Eastern),” Brouillard said, “but I also know that I'll cherish it even more when I'm back next semester. I'll miss being in Scotland, sure, but I'll also be happy to be home again.”

Biology major Isabella Symington-St. John ’24 studied at the University of Hertfordshire in England. She used her time there to fulfill her humanities requirements. 

“Studying abroad has benefited me in many ways as a student,” Symington-St. John said. “I learned different teaching styles, an entirely new grading system and the structure of each course has helped me grow in my writing and communication abilities.” 

When she wasn’t studying, Symington-St. John would travel, trying new restaurants with the friends she made there. 

“I feel that my time away has shifted my view regarding my life’s purpose,” said Symington-St. John, “and gave me the opportunity to grow a desire for my prospective professional career.” 

Meghan Wrobel '26

Art major Meghan Wrobel '26 studied abroad in London this spring. While attending a university in the United Kingdom, they had the opportunity to travel throughout Europe, including Italy, France, Sweden and more.

"My favorite part of studying abroad is the amazing friendships I have been able to make with people from all around the world that I know will last a lifetime!" said Wrobel.

"I have found a group of people who share my love of traveling and I had the opportunity to visit six different countries. I also gained new skills pertaining to my future career in graphic design that I would have never learned otherwise. This program has helped so many of my dreams come true and I couldn't be more grateful to Eastern for making this journey a reality!"

Written by Marcus Grant

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