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DiMauro '24 races in celebration of Class of 2024

Published on May 07, 2024

DiMauro '24 races in celebration of Class of 2024

Mark DiMauro Jr. '24

Mark DiMauro Jr. '24

Mark DiMauro Jr. '24

On a campus where students can blend in effortlessly, one Class of 2024 graduate recently raced around a local competitive track wearing a helmet signed by his classmates.

signed helmetMark DiMauro Jr., a senior communication major and business minor, is a competitive racer in the Senior Outlaw division at Stafford Speedway. To celebrate his graduation from Eastern, he raced in an Eastern-themed helmet signed by fellow graduating seniors.

DiMauro’s helmet idea came to him during a walk across campus this past semester. “You see a lot of professional drivers in NASCAR and Formula One who have the money to get a special helmet for a special occasion,” he said. “Now, we have something cool to represent our school on race day.”

DiMauro races in the Senior Outlaw division of the Wild Thing kart racing series. The karts are smaller and slower than racecars and race on a smaller track, said DiMauro. “You’re very rarely off the gas, which makes it more intense,” he said.

“People like to call the SK Modified at Stafford the most competitive local racing division in the country,” said DiMauro. “I agree 100% with that and I like to think our Monday night karts are probably the same way.”

DiMauro’s involvement in the eastern Connecticut racing scene extends beyond the track and behind the camera. He photographs and produces social media content related to the scene, which predates his racing days and relates to his long-term goals.

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“I want to get to NASCAR doing media stuff, whether it’s for the sport itself, a team or a driver,” he said. “Learning in the local racing environment will help long term in getting to that level, to pursue that career path.”

DiMauro enjoys applying knowledge he gains in the classroom to his work at the racetrack, specifically as it relates to marketability on social media. “I try to post during primetime,” he said. “I race on Mondays, and on Tuesdays at 7, I try to have my post-race recaps up on Instagram and Facebook.”

DiMauro derives some of his marketing background from his father, a division manager for Casella, a waste services company with local branches across New England. “If you look anywhere on this campus, you’ll see our lovely garbage cans,” said DiMauro. “That’s always my claim to fame.”

DiMauro’s history of helping his father with social media and marketing communications, as well as his racing experience, has fostered in him an appreciation for local businesses. “We have a lot of people in racing who own businesses,” he said, adding that local racers and divisions are often sponsored by local businesses.

Written by Noel Teter

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