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Contemporary fairy tale 'Unfolding' captivates audiences

Published on April 04, 2024

Contemporary fairy tale 'Unfolding' captivates audiences

The Communication, Film and Theatre Department at Eastern Connecticut State University welcomed audiences to “Unfolding” on March 27 and 28. Local members of the community, students and theatre fans filled the DelMonte Bernstein Studio Theater to watch the contemporary fairy tale.  

Eastern faculty helped make the show possible. Professor Anya Sokolovskaya designed and created the costumes for the actors. Lighting Technology Specialist and Lecturer Timothy Golebiewski helped ensure the sets were perfectly lit. He was helped by several Eastern students to bring the play to life.  

“Unfolding” follows the story of a nameless puppet girl, as she is born, grows up and creates a life for herself. The play grapples with ideas of motherhood, self and responsibility.  

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The girl is initially curious, with an air of whimsy, dancing across the stage before meeting a male puppet. Their relationship deepens and they have a child together. After giving birth, the girl puppet struggles to balance domestic labor with the care of her child and ends up losing everyone — the male puppet, the child and most importantly, herself.  

The girl falls into a state of depression. Amid her struggle, she meets an older woman, who offers sympathy and compassion, reinvigorating the girl to push forward and persevere.  

The girl can find herself again, engaging in the joyous behavior she did when she was young. In the end, she and the male puppet reunite and, in classic fairy tale fashion, live happily ever after.  

“Unfolding” is a deeply subjective play that uses minimal spoken words to evoke emotion. Each audience member views the show through the lens of their lived experiences, thoughts and ideas. 

The production was developed with support of the Jim Henson Foundation, which helps promote the art of puppetry. With the help of grants, “Unfolding” has traveled to captivate audiences from across the world.

Written by Marcus Grant