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Local health center features Eastern in heartfelt video

Published on November 28, 2023

Local health center features Eastern in heartfelt video

A screenshot from UCFS's impact report video 

Eastern Connecticut State University was recently featured in a heartfelt video by an eastern Connecticut-based health center, United Community & Family Services (UCFS). The agency's “Impact Report” video depicts a young man announcing to his proud grandfather that he will soon begin college at Eastern.

Made by Norwich-based company Miranda Creative, the video follows a boy and his family from infancy to his enrollment in college. “From the first exams to the first fever and dental check-ups, we see how UCFS is there,” said Maria Miranda, creative director at Miranda Creative.

The final scene of the video shows the boy as a young man about to attend college, the first in his family to do so. In this scene, he takes off the UCFS baseball cap he had been wearing throughout the video and passes it along to his grandfather as a gift. He then tells his grandfather that he has enrolled in college before putting on an Eastern hat.

“We had a vision of the emotions that would be conveyed when our patient announced to his grandfather, ‘I'm going to college,’” said Miranda. “We knew that those emotions would read true when the iconic UCFS baseball cap was replaced with (an Eastern) cap.”

She explained, “When we thought about what university would most authentically represent the pathway to higher education for the people of eastern Connecticut, (Eastern) was that sincere choice.”

Miranda has several family members who have attended Eastern and benefited from it, including her sister and nephew.

“From our own personal experiences and from (Eastern’s) consistent support of our regional community, we were thrilled when (Eastern) agreed to lend (its) brand to this project,” said Miranda. She also noted that Melissa Brown ‘88, brand manager at Miranda Creative, is an Eastern alumna. 

“We believe that moments like this are happening every day for (Eastern) families, and it was an honor to embed this collegiate rite of passage into this story,” said Miranda.

Written by Noel Teter