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Gov. Lamont urges students to seek jobs in Connecticut

Published on September 25, 2023

Gov. Lamont urges students to seek jobs in Connecticut

Lamont and students
Gov. Lamont spoke to students attending a Student Government Association meeting.

Gov. Ned Lamont urged Eastern Connecticut State University students to build careers in Connecticut during a visit with the Student Government Association (SGA) on Sept. 18. During the SGA meeting, he focused on the opportunities that younger generations have in the state's current job market.

“I wish I was graduating during your time,” said Lamont. “We have over 5,000 jobs we’re having a hard time filling, but you can make an enormous difference.”

He related to the students by asking a few individuals what they wanted to do after graduating. Students gave a wide range of responses, from being undecided to aspiring for political or medical careers.

Lamont shared his backstory to promote the idea that a career path can change on a whim. “I thought I’d be a newspaper guy ... I go into telecommunications and then next thing I know, I’m the governor.”

A student asked what his plan as governor iss to make people stay in the state. “Well, first off, we’re the coolest state in the country!” said Lamont, citing the job availability once again. He also said that he always tells people who are looking for resources or new hires to go to Eastern.

Lamont at the SGAAnother SGA member inquired what his advice would be for people going into politics. “Get started early,” said Lamont. “Help your community. Talk to people and learn where their heads are at.”

State Senator Mae Flexer and Windham Mayor Tom DeVivo were also in attendance. Flexer gave insight into the increasing number of young people in government, how that affects lawmaking and how the youth votes sway elections.

“You’re the difference between winning by 12 votes and winning by two votes,” said Flexer. “People’s rights — their right to vote, their bodily autonomy — are the responsibility of Mayor DeVivo, Governor Lamont and myself.”

A student asked how students can vote in the area, implying that it's hard to get registered to vote in a town they may not reside in full time. DeVivo informed students that they can register to vote in Willimantic while at Eastern, and that next year Connecticut will have early voting in the state.

Written by Elisabeth Craig

Categories: Student Activities