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Students can travel the world via 5 global field courses in 2024

Published on September 26, 2023

Students can travel the world via 5 global field courses in 2024

A group of environmental earth science students traveled to Colorado and Utah for a field course in summer 2023. 

Students will be able to travel the world with their Eastern peers during five global field courses in the coming spring/summer 2024 semesters. Departments offering courses include education, music, environmental earth science, psychology and English, and students will visit Jamaica, Austria, Maine/New Hampshire, Iceland and Italy.  

Professor David Stoloff of the Education Department will take students to Montego Bay, Jamaica, March 9-16 for a course titled “International and Cross-cultural Educational Experiences.”  

"This will be my fourth visit to schools in the Montego Bay area and northwestern coast of Jamaica,” Stoloff said. “We plan to visit all levels of schools in the region, form friendships with the students and teachers and visit historic, cultural and natural attractions. We will also have some time to spend on the beach." 

Professors Emily Riggs and David Ballena of the Music Department will bring students to Vienna, Austria, May 15-25 for a course titled "City of Song."

“We're very excited to offer this first-time Global Field Course to Vienna, Austria,” said Riggs. “For anyone who appreciates classical music, Vienna is not to be missed. It's a city with a rich musical heritage that's home to some of the world's leading classical music organizations, including the Vienna State Opera and the Vienna Philharmonic. We can't wait to explore this beautiful city with students.” 

Professors William Cunningham and Bryan Oakley of the Environmental Earth Science Department will bring students to New Hampshire and Maine May 17-31 for a course titled "Environmental Earth Science." 

“Students will examine firsthand many of the most impressive and scenic geological and environmental features of northern New England,” Cunningham said. “The trip will focus on ‘summits and seashores’ and will include highlights of New Hampshire’s Presidential Range and Franconia Notch, mineral collecting in Maine’s gemstone quarries, and exploration of the dramatic coastline of Acadia National Park. Earth and environmental science themes that are normally taught in the classroom will come to life during this fun and educational geo-adventure!” 

Professors Peter Bachiochi and Jenna Scisco of the Psychological Sciences Department will bring students to Iceland May 20-30 for a course titled “Cross-Cultural Well-Being.”

“I’m so excited to give students the opportunity to travel abroad to Iceland!” Scisco said. “We will be exploring the many reasons why people in Iceland report high well-being, including topics like gender equity, the benefits of spending time in nature and mental health treatment in Iceland. We hope that students interested in how to live happier, healthier lives will love this course.” 

Bachiochi added: "I traveled to Iceland five years ago and it is a mesmerizing place; not just the landscape, but the people. They live very differently there and I'm excited to share that with our students. Icelanders view work-life balance differently and that's just one of the reasons they are consistently near the top of happiest countries lists." 

Professor Christopher Torockio of the English Department will bring students to Florence, Italy, June 24 to Aug. 4 for a course titled “Creative Writing Abroad.” 

"’Creative Writing Abroad’ provides serious student writers, as well as those interested in exploring their creative sides, with the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the life and culture of one of the world’s most artistically vibrant and historically relevant cities,” Torockio said. “During the six weeks abroad, students have one responsibility: to write (and to read and respond to each other’s work). Students will have considerable free time to explore Florence and other Italian cities. It’s a wonderful chance for students to live among Florentines for six weeks while nurturing and inspiring their artistic visions.” 

For more information regarding upcoming global field courses, please visit the Global Studies page on Eastern’s website. 

Written by Marcus Grant