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Hundreds turn out for Student Involvement Fair

Published on September 12, 2023

Hundreds turn out for Student Involvement Fair

Representatives from the Biology Club look to recruit members.

The Black Student Union represents at the Club Fair.

The Chill Club puts on a cool display.

Eastern's dance team looks to strengthen its roster.

Representatives from nearly 100 clubs and organizations gathered at the annual Student Involvement fair on Sept. 7 to introduce themselves to students. From academics to sports to cultural groups, Eastern offers countless ways for students to get involved.

Billi Kozak of Pride Alliance said this club can offer a safe space for students who may be questioning their gender or sexuality. The campus is a place of support for these students, and the club is representative of that. “It’s nice,” Kozak said, “to find a niche where you feel like you belong.”

Raven Trinci, also of Pride Alliance, said, “it’s important for students to find representation on campus and to be around people who like what you like.”

Taylor Knox, Eliza Odum and Laqusha Nelson of the University Residential Outreach Council (UROC), spoke of their experiences in campus organizations. Being a comfort for people around campus and a face people can come to is the most important part of joining a club, they said.

The Drama Society

The 2023 Student Involvement Fair saw a large turnout.

Students peruse club offerings.

Nicholas Walsh, vice president of the Drama Society, said, “Drama Society and all clubs are places where students can develop career skills in a low-stress environment. Here we are allowed to make mistakes and to learn what we will need to do in the future.”

“Film club is where I’ve met some of my best friends,” said Daniel Gallipoli, president of Film and Media Club. “It is a space where I can explore my interests and learn from others. When I first joined, it helped me realize I wanted to change majors.”

Film and Media Club Treasurer Griffin Davis said, “We were able to talk to so many people. There was someone at the table the entire time, asking questions and showing interest in what we do. It was amazing.”

The Student Involvement Fair was hosted by the Office of Student Activities. Food and drink were provided for students outside of the Student Center. There was ample space for them to sit, enjoy their time, and meet new people. Clubs all saw fantastic turnouts and are excited to see what the new semester brings.

Written by Marcus Grant

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