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Students explore opportunities at spring Career & Internship Fair

Published on April 05, 2023

Students explore opportunities at spring Career & Internship Fair

Eastern Connecticut State University gave students an opportunity to network and conduct pseudo-interviews with companies spanning multiple fields of concentration at the Career and Internship Fair on March 29. The Center for Career Success invited approximately 70 employers to participate.

Attendees mingled with representatives at booths scattered throughout Geissler Gymnasium. Many students echoed one overarching sentiment: They were hoping to secure a summer internship or a post-college occupation that coincides with their majors and degrees.

Gabrielle McWhirt and Elayna Comella explore the career fair. 

After registering for the event, students were provided with detailed maps to help them navigate the gymnasium and locate employers that piqued their interests. The Center for Career Success arranged segmented columns of booths, which divided employers by their professional and occupational concentrations.

The companies were organized into five representative categories: STEM, health science and environment; education, government and law; human services and nonprofit; business finance and accounting; and the arts, communication and media.

Some of the companies and employers offering part-time, full-time and internship positions to Eastern students included Eastern’s Alumni Affairs office, Pfizer, Athena Healthcare Systems, ETV Sports, various public schools throughout the state, the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch, the office of Senator Chris Murphy, the Connecticut Environmental Conservation Police, Adelbrook, the Peace Corps, Enterprise, Northwestern Mutual, the XL Center and the Hartford Wolfpack.

“Before going to graduate school, I wanted to look for a part-time job to do over the summer, or even during the school year,” said Elayna Comella, a sophomore psychology major. “That way, when I apply, I’ll have the best resume possible and some experience going into the job market.”

Comella said that her experience at the spring fair was a successful endeavor. She said she had found a prospective employer that complemented her interests and intended career path.

Marc-Anothy Richards (middle) meets with communications companies.

Connecticut Environmental Conservation Police

A Pfizer representative talks with a student

Student interviewees discuss business, finance and accounting careers.

Daniel Gallipoli, junior producer and cameraman for ETV, said, “I came to this event just to network and find a job, internship or volunteer work that may complement my major,” he said. “I also found a company that needs someone to do audio and video production, so I’m hoping to get some work over there.”

Gallipoli said that if companies did not believe that a student’s professional skill set, qualifications or experiences met their requirements, they provided students with alternative employer recommendations and pertinent advice.

“This event can help students get themselves out there, hand out resumes and learn more about companies they may want to work for in the future,” said Marc-Anthony Richards, senior communication major. “So, I think it is a huge help for every student.”

Written by Jack Jones