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Art Square holds gala for student artists

Published on March 23, 2023

Art Square holds gala for student artists

Art Squared gallery centerpiece sculpture, created through collaborative efforts by Eastern students and faculty.
Art Square gallery centerpiece sculpture, "Engulf," created through collaborative efforts by Eastern students and faculty.

The student organization Art Square showcased more than a dozen student artists its first gala since before the pandemic on March 10, featuring 20 works spanning a multitude of styles and creative techniques.

“I wanted to host this gala for everyone, not just art majors,” said Savion Ross, sophomore art major and president of Art Square. “That’s what our club is founded on. A space where art majors and non-art majors can just come together and enjoy art.”

Marcel Farrell, Art Square vice president, said the club organized the event to demonstrate the wide array of artistic abilities present throughout Eastern’s student body. He said that Art Square strives to be an inclusive and representative group that supports the work of non-art majors and non-club members.

Its mission is to generate attention for all Eastern artists. Adhering to their values, Ross said any piece that was submitted by an Eastern student was eligible for submission, review and entry into the gala.

“I feel very honored to share a small role in the work that each artist has accomplished here,” said Maeve Doyle, the club’s advisor. “They are reviving this club,” which she said went dormant during COVID, “but this is becoming such a powerful community that they're creating.”

Each piece conveyed the individualistic style of its student artist. Methods and approaches varied for each installment. Some pieces were finalized digitally, while others were completed with pencils, etchings and paint.

"Mossy Pebble Man" by Marcel Farrell

"Body in Gaze" by India McDermott Arriola

"Three Headed Stranger" by Kate Moss

"Spider of Sorrows" by Abi Beauregard

The gallery’s centerpiece was a sculpture constructed solely from waste materials found in local waterways, titled "Engulf." It was a collaborative piece produced last Nov. by students working with Professor Rob Greene.

The work is described as a "site-specific installation addressing our impact on the environment through the use of rope, tires and prescription bottles.”

The sculpture symbolized the transformation of something harmful, useless and disgusting into something beautiful. 

Other student work included: “Cover of a Therapeutic Coloring Book,” by Samantha Montesano; “The Storm,” by McKenna Miller; “I’m Still Standing,” by Luis Vasquez; “New Beginnings,” by Marcel Farrel; “Demon’s Bane,” by Savion Ross; and “Spider of our Sorrow,” by Abi Beauregard.

“I actually drew a lot of inspiration from Tarantulis, a character from the comic series ‘Transformers,’” Beauregard said. According to the artist, the picture represents the cycle and ceremony of death that transformers experience. They said, “when they die, a flower blooms; it essentially contains their preserved soul, which will continue to grow.”

In the future, Ross plans on converting Art Square galas into a club tradition that occurs each semester. He said at the very least he would like to display the work of the Eastern community annually.

“I think this is a good starting point,” Ross said. “Hopefully, going forward I’ll see more faces in attendance who can share some more work of their own.”

The Art Square club will continue to meet bi-weekly on Friday evenings in Fine Arts Instructional Center room 327.

Written by Jack Jones