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Eastern’s Spring Club Fair appeals to every interest, from crime detection to fusion dance

Published on January 30, 2023

Eastern’s Spring Club Fair appeals to every interest, from crime detection to fusion dance

Students discussing Radio Club with some its E-board members

Forty Eastern clubs and organizations — ranging from the Gamers’ Guild to the Asian Cultural Club — sent representatives to the Spring Club Fair on Jan. 25 to provide students with information about their missions, goals, values and upcoming meetings. All students, including first-year transfers and spring ’23 graduates, were welcome to attend.

“I’m so excited that people decided to come down and showcase their positivity and personality. There are so many students interested in so many clubs,” said Fusion Dance Club member Zara Dobson. “I’m thrilled that students have been signing up, not just for our own club but for others, too!”

Students searching for companionship with like-minded people explored a variety of clubs at booths scattered across the Student Center. The diverse selection of clubs included: the Fusion Dance crew, the Criminology Student Institution, the Radio Club, the Fashion-Forward Club, FEMALES, the Student Government Association, Air Force ROTC, Habitat for Humanity and many others.

Students asked board members questions about their groups and registered for club memberships during the three-hour event. Each booth provided students with QR codes, flyers and posters to share information about the clubs’ schedules, meeting locations and general information.

“We’re looking to add new members who can help spread our message to the student population,” said Malek Allari, president of the International Student Association. “It’s a diverse club that welcomes all people, and we are always excited to learn and grow from the connections we build with others.”

Allari said the association re-started this past semester in fall 2022. Its mission is to bring multicultural students together from diverse international backgrounds.

The Fusion Dance Club promotes membership

Philosophy club members promote their club

Students pose with Willi the Warrior to celebrate the Spring Club Fair

Members of the Black Student Union look for new members

Eastern's club cheer team gathers to recruit new teammates

Members of Art Squared showing off their club poster

“We give everyone a chance to learn about an array of cultures,” said Allari. “We also hold special events, like trips to Hartford and local markets as well as the club’s first-ever New York City tour this April.”

Much like Allari, other board members and students saw the Spring Club Fair as an opportunity to share their interests, meet new friends and become involved constituents of Eastern’s student body. In fact, the Student Orientation Counselor (SOC) position was developed to help students assimilate within their new campus.

“Being an SOC is all about helping first-time students transition to college,” said Alexis Annin, the head student orientation counselor. “We lead a two-day summer session in June, where students become accustomed to the campus, attend presentations and participate in bonding activities.”

Annin said that SOCs strive to guide others, serve as mentors and lend helping hands to every student. Orientation counselors work for Casey Kensey, director of new student and family programs, as employees od the Student Activities Office.

“Everyone should apply to be a SOC; it is a paid position, and it has lots of opportunities for leadership roles and experience,” said Annin. “But most importantly, this position will open gateways for you after college.”

Each club encouraged socializing with others and participating in the myriad activities that each group offers. For instance, the Gamers’ Guild holds weekly Super Smash Brothers tournaments, the Radio Club attends concerts and the Criminology Student Institution attempts to uncover unsolved police cases.

Unless specified by board members, all clubs are open for students to attend on a weekly or monthly basis.

Written by Jack Jones