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Eastern’s Joshua Sumrell receives Prospanica’s Education Leadership Award

Published on November 16, 2022

Eastern’s Joshua Sumrell receives Prospanica’s Education Leadership Award

Intercultural Center Coordinator and Education Leadership Award Recipient Josh Sumrell
Joshua Sumrell

The Prospanica Connecticut Chapter Board of Directors selected Joshua Sumrell, coordinator of the Intercultural Center, to receive its 2022 Education Leadership Award. The award recognizes Sumrell’s embodiment of Prospanica’s missions, values and initiatives due to his contribution and engagement with the organization and chapter members. Sumrell will attend the annual Destino Award Gala on Dec. 8 to accept his award and give a speech.

Prospanica is an academic and business collective that focuses on empowering professionals of Hispanic descent. The group, which was previously called the National Society for Hispanic MBAs, was founded in 1988. They have since raised raised $8,000 in scholarship funds to advance diversity, equity and Hispanic leadership on social, economic, educational and cultural fronts.

During his time with Prospanica, Sumrell said he has served as the “unofficial liaison” between Eastern and the organization. His main responsibility is to connect Eastern students to business professionals. 

“Prospanica creates networking opportunities, mentorship and resources for students in the business field,” said Sumrell. “During fall 2022, I have helped Prospanica Connecticut with engagement at the Student Involvement Fair, and I will be participating and presenting at the upcoming Education Summit.”

Sumrell was selected by Prospanica to be a guest speaker during the group’s virtual 2022 Education Summit on Nov. 30.  The goal of the conference is to inform Connecticut high school students about “everything they need to know for college,” and to prepare them for future careers.

“We nominated Joshua because of his engagement with Prospanica Connecticut, his participation in Eastern's Involvement Fair and his enthusiasm for the Education Summit,” said Ana Usúa Maldonado, Prospanica’s vice president of membership. “He is so richly deserving of the award. We are grateful for his tremendous work and commitment to Prospanica Connecticut.”

Despite his success, Sumrell says he does not engage in his professional work to receive awards, acknowledgments or recognition. Instead, he works with Prospanica to create increased career opportunities for students.

“I do this because I know I can make a difference in a student’s life and career,” said Sumrell. “I truly believe that making connections will solve the problems of today and tomorrow. If I can do that by connecting students to opportunities for growth and development, then I believe I’m doing the right thing.”

Part of Prospanica Connecticut’s mission is to encourage students to pursue advanced degrees while formulating relationships with like-minded business professionals through networking events. They hope to create a more equitable and just country by promoting participation from the Hispanic community in both academic and professional sectors.

It is an honor and a privilege to be receiving the Education Leadership Award from Prospanica Connecticut,” said Sumrell. “I am glad to assist with the partnership between Eastern and Prospanica, because I know that more work needs to be done to create a brighter and more fruitful future for our students.” 

Sumrell is hopeful that Prospanica Connecticut and its membership will continue to grow, develop and empower marginalized and Hispanic communities for years to come.

Written by Jack Jones