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Alumni celebrate 15th anniversary of Student Center

Published on October 11, 2022

Alumni celebrate 15th anniversary of Student Center

Eastern alumni enjoy the buffet at the Student Center's 15th anniversary celebration.

Eastern alumni pose for a festive photo.

Eastern alumni celebrate the Student Center's 15th anniversary with a banquet.

Alumni pose with Michelle Delaney, interim vice president for Student Affairs.

Eastern alumni reflect on fond memories in the Student Center.

On Sept. 30, Eastern alumni were invited to the Student Center to celebrate the 15th anniversary of its renovation and opening. Approximately 50 alumni were in attendance for a nostalgic return to a place where they had many fond memories.

“The event was a great way to bring former student leaders back to a space that helped them shape who they would become,” said Candace DeAngelis, director of the Student Center and Office of Student Activities. “(The event) allowed them to share recent successes and career opportunities made possible in part by the leadership positions they were involved in at the Student Center as undergrads.”

Attendees included former Student Government Association (SGA) senators, Campus Activity Board (CAB) members, Student Orientation Counselors (SOCs), student organization leaders and employees of the Women’s Center, Pride Center and Intercultural Center. The event’s reception included an SGA-sponsored photo booth as well as photos and visuals of the old Student Center, student events and former student leaders. Also included in the event was a tribute to Arthur L. Johnson, a former sociology professor at Eastern and civil rights activist, whom the Student Center’s unity wing is named after.

The alumni were happy to see how the Student Center has changed in the past 15 years. They commented on new upgrades made available by the Parents’ Fund, including new media equipment, charging stations, fitness equipment, bulletin boards and poster cases highlighting student programs. They were delighted to see that the building still looks new despite the amount of student traffic it sees daily.

Written by Noel Teter