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Princeton Review names Eastern a 2023 top college in Northeast

Published on September 26, 2022

Princeton Review names Eastern a 2023 top college in Northeast

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Eastern is featured as one of the 224 best colleges in the Northeast for the 2023 academic year in the Princeton Review’s annual “Best Regional Colleges” list, released this past August. The ranking scale consists of three categorical standards for academics, student body and campus life. 

The esteemed collegiate ratings system recognized Eastern’s continuous success by deeming it “the most appealing state school Connecticut has to offer.” 

According to the Princeton Review, Eastern excels in their fundamental understanding of academic excellence. The Review points to the university’s smaller class sizes and increased individualized attention from professors as one of the primary reasons for the school’s educational outcomes.  

"The school is devoted to helping each student succeed,” said an anonymous attendee of the college. “I struggled in high school due to lack of guidance services and I now have all A's because my professors answer all questions and are very knowledgeable.” 

Eastern Connecticut State University also received stellar reviews for its exemplary student body. “There is no typical student; every person is different and unique in their own way, trying their best to do what they came to the university to do: study, make friends, and prepare for the outside world,” noted The Review, adding that Eastern students are obtaining four indispensable qualities: great work ethic, devotion to their studies, personability and involvement on campus. Finally, the Review considered Eastern’s student body to be distinguished, due to their welcoming and accepting demeanor, which casts out racism, prejudice and gender-related inequalities. 

The final decisive characteristic that cemented Eastern’s position as one of the top colleges in the Northeast has to do with their campus life. Despite the school’s modest size, Eastern provides students with numerous clubs, activities, athletic programs and events that meet student’s wide range of interests.  

“You are able to make many new friends and memories that will last you a lifetime,” said an anonymous student. “These activities give students something to do rather than drink.” 

Written by Jack Jones