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SOAR summer orientation welcomes new students

Published on June 22, 2022

SOAR summer orientation welcomes new students

Throughout the month of June, Eastern Connecticut State University is welcoming new students to campus via a series of programs and activities to help them transition to college life. The Student Orientation, Advising and Registration program, known as “SOAR,” consists of four separate two-day sessions for hundreds of incoming students.

SOAR helps news students become familiar with Eastern while learning strategies for ensuring their academic, emotional and social success. During orientation, students will meet other incoming students and current student leaders; get to know faculty and staff; acclimate to campus; and prepare for academic advisement, registration and other aspects of course selection.

During the sessions, student orientation counselors (SOCs) provide the incoming students with information on how to access crucial campus resources and a wide range of services. SOCs are student leaders who have served as peer mentors, club executive board members, athletes and resident assistants at Eastern, and are well-informed, engaged members of the campus community. SOCs participate in group sessions, discussing social aspects of college life and provide campus tours to the new students.

“We are so excited to return to a two-day overnight SOAR model,” said Casey Kensey, director of new student and family programs. “Our new students will have plenty of opportunities to participate in social activities and make connections with other new students.”  

Kensey said her staff is also focusing on students’ emotional transition into college. “We have done a great job preparing students for academic and social success in the past, but there is a need with the new generation of college students to help support them with the emotional transition.”

The incoming students stay overnight in residence halls, dine on campus and hear motivational speakers. They learn about advising resources and the registration process for classes. They meet with academic and student affairs staff and talk about the classes they would like to take during the semester.

Kensey said in addition to attending SOAR this month, new students will also participate in and complete an online orientation program, which begins July 1. Online Orientation focuses on educating students with on-campus services, resources and university policies.

This summer’s SOAR sessions are June 13-14, June 20-21, June 22-23 and June 27-28.

Written by Dwight Bachman