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Eastern launches new sport-related programs for fall 2022

Published on June 14, 2022

Eastern launches new sport-related programs for fall 2022

Exercise science
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Eastern Connecticut State University will offer two new academic concentrations and one new minor this coming fall 2022 semester. Students majoring in Health Sciences can concentrate in Exercise and Sport Science, and those majoring in Business Administration can concentrate in Sport Management. Sport Management will also be available as a minor to students of any major.

Exercise and Sport Science

Health Sciences students who choose the Exercise and Sport Science concentration will study how exercise promotes physical and mental health, and how the scientific principles underlying exercise improve sport performance. This knowledge prepares students for graduate programs in clinical exercise physiology, athletic training and strength and conditioning. It also prepares students for careers in personal training, certified exercise physiology, certified strength and conditioning coaching and sport coaching.

According to “Occupation Outlook,” a handbook from the U.S. Department of Labor, over the next eight years, the nation will need 2,400 more (13 percent increase) exercise physiologists; 7,000 more (23 percent increase) athletic trainers; and 121,700 more (39 percent increase) fitness trainers and instructors.

“There will be a big need for clinical exercise physiologists to work with COVID survivors in helping them to regain respiratory functions through exercise,” said Anita Lee, professor and acting chair of the Health Sciences Department. “Cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and traumatic injury patients also benefit from rehabilitation guidance through clinical exercise physiologists.”

“This new concentration is a unique and important program for Eastern’s Health Sciences students,” said Darren Dale, associate professor of exercise and sport science. “It is a program with a diverse curriculum, allowing students to focus on sporting performance or on public health. The focus on performance blends knowledge from physiology, biomechanics, psychology and nutrition with an understanding of how to deliver this knowledge. The focus on exercise as a critical public health initiative explores how exercise is deeply connected to physical and psychological health outcomes.”

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Sport Management

Sport management
Sport management -- Shutterstock

Business Administration majors who choose the Sport Management concentration will take courses in management, business finance, leadership, marketing and sports psychology. Sport Management graduates work in athletic administration, sales, facility management, marketing, social media, event operations and community relations.

The minor, which involves a larger course load of required and elective credits, is designed for students in non-business disciplines who are seeking employability in the sports industry.

According to Burning Glass Technologies and Consulting, which provides job market analytics, there were 8,320 sport management-related job postings in New England alone within the past 12 months. Positions in sports have increased more than 55 percent and more than 23 percent in fitness and wellness. Salaries are competitive as well. Fitness and wellness positions with a bachelor’s degree earn $43-$50,000 a year; $36-86,000 for positions in recreation and gaming; and $43-$77,000 for positions in sports.

“The addition of a Sport Management concentration within our Business Administration major and a Sport Management minor open to all Eastern students represents big opportunities for our students,” said Emiliano Villanueva, associate professor and chair of the Department of Management and Marketing. “All companies and organizations within the sports business need and value the management and marketing knowledge, leadership and analytical skills, decision-making ability and integrity of professionals with a sport management background. The curriculum in the new Sport Management program is designed to develop these vital skills.”

Associate Professor Gregory Kane agreed: “The new Sport Management concentration within the Business major expands on an already prestigious program. You will find Eastern alumni with Sport Management degrees in every major sporting venue in Connecticut and throughout the country. We pride ourselves on being connected to Connecticut’s sports businesses. This new concentration and new minor create internship opportunities, develop unique learning experiences and connect students to professional networks. Career opportunities are abundant, with a projected employment growth of 14 percent over the next eight years.”

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Written by Dwight Bachman