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President Núñez voices support for Ukraine

Published on February 28, 2022

President Núñez voices support for Ukraine


Dear Colleague,

I ask all members of the Eastern Connecticut State University family to join me in lifting up the people of Ukraine as they continue to confront a foreign invasion on their sovereign soil. Please keep the men, women, and children of Ukraine in your thoughts and prayers in the coming days. I also ask all Eastern students, faculty, and staff to offer support to family, friends, and colleagues who are from Ukraine or still have loved ones there. 

The world we live in today is a global community closely linked by social, cultural, and economic connections. The past two years of COVID have further demonstrated our connections, our frailty, and our need to come together as a world community.  

Warfare has always been a terrible thing. In the nuclear age, war among nations is unacceptable. While it is my hope that peace will soon return to Ukraine, we should all keep our eyes closely on what is taking place there. When the sovereignty of a single nation is threatened, individual freedoms, democracy, and social order throughout the world are cast into shadow. 

All civilized people should stand united in speaking out against tyranny. Universities have an especially important role in advocating for global peace and greater understanding among the people of the world. Let us find ways to pursue those causes on our campus, while we continue to advocate for the people of Ukraine.  Thank you. Elsa

Written by Elsa Núñez

Categories: Administration