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Vasillopulos to sit on accreditation panel of Greek university

Published on October 25, 2021

Vasillopulos to sit on accreditation panel of Greek university

Political Science Professor Christopher Vasillopulos
Political Science Professor Christopher Vasillopulos

Political Science Professor Christopher Vasillopulos has been asked by the Athens, Greece-based Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to serve on a Hellenic Authority for Higher Education (HAHE) committee. The External Evaluation and Accreditation Panel (EEAP) will review the academic accreditation of undergraduate programs in political sciences at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The review begins on Nov. 29 and runs through Dec. 4. 

Founded in 1925 and named after the Greek philosopher Aristotle, the university is Greece’s largest, located in the ancient city of Thessaloniki, 55 kilometers east of Aristotle’s birthplace, Stagira. It places special emphasis on humanities and established a Department of Philosophy as its first department in 1926. Departments of mathematics and science followed in 1927. 

According to the university’s website, it “has a strong international reputation, boasts a longstanding association with the international exchange Erasmus Programme and is unique in offering courses in Modern Greek language and Greek culture to international students who wish to learn Greek as a language or study.”

Vasillopulos will be among 3-5 experts who will review the Department of Philosophy’s accreditation proposal via Zoom or WebEx. These communication platforms make it feasible for experts from different countries and time zones to participate. Accreditation members will review a range of materials, including department videos, photos, classrooms, labs, scientific equipment and more, as well as campus maps and/or video tours of the department and university facilities such as the library. At the conclusion of their six-day review, accreditation members will contribute to the drafting of the Accreditation Report.

Vasillopulos, who recently published a new book titled, “Aristotle’s Ghost: How Good Free Men Built Good Free America,” said he is excited about this opportunity. “I believe it benefits Eastern greatly to have a professor who is qualified to evaluate political science and philosophy departments in the country that invented both disciplines,” said Vasillopulos. “I certainly am honored to be so considered and I hope that I represent Eastern accordingly.”

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki website says its facilities “include a university farm; a wildlife museum; a botanic garden; a center for Byzantine Research; a seismological station and a meteorological station on Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece.”

This coming December, Vasillopulos also has been asked to evaluate Panteion University in Greece.

Written by Dwight Bachman