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Canterbury publishes book on development in Caribbean countries

Published on September 02, 2021

Canterbury publishes book on development in Caribbean countries

Sociology Professor Dennis Canterbury

“Caribbean Development in the New Multipolar World Order"

Eastern Connecticut State University sociology professor Dennis Canterbury recently published a book that tackles capitalism, power and the imperial state within Caribbean countries. Tilted “Caribbean Development in the New Multipolar World Order,” the book explores “… Post-neoliberal, new multipolar world order based on competition and cooperation by the United States, the European Union, China and Russia for natural resources and markets.”

Born in Guyana, Canterbury’s research interests include extractive studies, Caribbean development, financialization, migration and trade. Because of his specialization in Caribbean countries, many of his previous works and teaching interests revolve around globalization, labor and development on islands that are found in the Caribbean Sea.

In his book Canterbury writes of the power the United States has had over other countries; as the years continue, that narrative is changing. “The United States is no longer the sole superpower,” said Canterbury, “It now has competitors in the international arena. Since the Caribbean is so dependent on the United States, I wanted to know what the region should and could do given this change.”

Consisting of 12 chapters ranging from topics such as “The Caribbean Making America Great Again” to “Theoretical Advances with Caribbean Capitalist Development,” Canterbury’s book took four years to complete and was published by Routledge, the British multinational publish.

Written by Bobbi Brown