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Library Research Awards recognize 4 Eastern student projects

Published on June 08, 2021

Library Research Awards recognize 4 Eastern student projects

Olivia Anderson '21

Hannah Avena '21

Allen Horn '21

Ciara Tennis '20

Eastern Connecticut State University’s J. Eugene Smith Library recently announced the winners of its 9th annual Library Research Awards. This year’s awards recognize four exemplary undergraduate research projects from the last two years that utilized library resources.  

“Why recognize library research when much of today’s knowledge is at our fingertips?” asked President Elsa Núñez. “Library resources are credible and the time taken to find citation is an investment . . .  There has never been more information available, yet the task of locating and synthesizing information continues to be a skill unto itself.”

This year’s awardees include art major Ciara Tennis ’20, music major Hannah Avena ’21, history major Allen Horn ’21 and political science major Olivia Anderson ’21. Their submissions were evaluated by a committee of faculty and library staff and demonstrate the ability to locate, select, evaluate and apply information from print, microform and online databases and collections.

Tennis’ project is titled “Reading Like a Dadaist: Francis Picabia, Wallace Stevens, and the Art of Industrialized Warfare,” and was mentored by Art Professors Anne Dawson and Gail Gelburd and English Professor Allison Speicher.

Avena’s project is titled “The Spiritualized Pastoral: Early Romantic Natural Escapes” and was supported by Music Professor Timothy Cochran.

Horn’s project is titled “Maggie’s Ride: The Life and Legacy of a Civil War Horse” and was mentored by History Professor Thomas Balcerski.

Anderson’s project is titled “Understanding the Impact of Partisanship on Climate Change Opinion from 1973-2016” and was mentored by Political Science Professor Courtney Broscious.

The Library Research Award Committee includes Professors Courtney Broscious (political science), Bradley Davis (history), Jonathan Hulvey (biology), Manuel Otero (English), and library staff Hope-Marie Cook, Kellie O'Donnell-Bobadilla and Angela Walker.

For more information on the awards and this year’s projects, visit the library's website.

Written by Michael Rouleau