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Eastern’s Website Gains National Recognition

Published on May 07, 2020

Eastern’s Website Gains National Recognition

Web award Earlier in March, Eastern Connecticut State University received word that it had won first place in the national Collegiate Advertising Awards program in the “University Website” category. Eastern beat out Loyola of New Orleans and Assumption College to gain top honors.

Other schools in other categories in this award contest included Emory University, Clemson University, Western New England College, and others. In addition, Eastern’s website was named one of its top three designs of 2019 by our design firm, Beacon Technologies, Inc., of Greensboro, NC.  In January, 2020, Eastern’s website received a third-place award from Higher Education Marketing Awards, a national recognition program located in Atlanta, GA, that has been awarding excellence awards in higher education for more than 30 years. 

The new website has been busy. In January 2020, it had 87,000 users, up 22 percent over January 2019.  It also had 84 percent new users, up over 7 percent from December 2019.  The average time on site of 2:51 is also excellent; 25 percent of users are on mobile devices.  While most visitors—as always—are from Connecticut, we also have had visitors from Wyoming to Texas, as well as the following international visitors: India:  946; Canada: 842; England: 580; China: 296; Australia: 248; and Brazil: 73.

During COVID-19, we have created and maintained an extensive website for content related to Eastern’s response to the virus.  Content includes information on online learning, working from home, changes in student services and other processes, financial support, and other information.  A list of related higher education news articles is also available and found at

Written by Ed Osborn