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Freshman Jacob Schumacher Deployed in COVID-19 Relief Effort

Published on April 22, 2020

Freshman Jacob Schumacher Deployed in COVID-19 Relief Effort

Jacob Schumacher Army Reserve member and freshman Jacob Schumacher was recently deployed to serve as part of Connecticut’s COVID-19 relief effort. Schumacher’s daily roles consist of maintaining and repairing military vehicles and transporting medical supplies.

Schumacher’s specialty is in utilities and equipment repair. He has military certification in HVAC systems and also maintains and operates vehicles, including Humvees and light medium tactical vehicles.

“My initial thought to being called up was, ‘Man, college is about to be a whole lot harder now,’” said the freshman business administration major. “When you’re deployed, you have to focus on the mission at hand over anything else, and that mission may take up most if not all of your day.

“If I was medical personnel, who have my utmost respect, I would be more concerned about contracting (the coronavirus),” said Schumacher. “When I signed my contract, I knew that whatever the mission was, I carried the risk of having to die for my country.”

After completing his Eastern degree, Schumacher aspires to become a member of the Army Special Forces, known as the Green Berets. 

Written by Michael Rouleau

Categories: Veterans