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100th Community Joins 'Sustainable CT'

Published on February 19, 2020

100th Community Joins 'Sustainable CT'

Map of Connecticut showing towns involved in Sustainable CT.

Following the registration of Avon, East Windsor, Stratford, Waterbury and Woodstock, over the past two weeks, New Canaan became the 100th community to join Sustainable CT. A statewide program run by the Institute for Sustainable Energy at Eastern Connecticut State University, Sustainable CT inspires and supports communities to become more efficient, resilient and inclusive. In the two years since the program’s launch, 47 municipalities have earned Sustainable CT certification, a prestigious and highly visible independent recognition of their sustainability accomplishments.

According to Ted Shafer, Sustainable CT board member and the first selectman of the Town of Burlington, a newly minted Bronze certified community, "Sustainable CT provides a roadmap for communities interested in integrating sustainability into all aspects of what makes a town a great place to live, from efficient public works, to creating thriving downtowns, to protecting natural open spaces and more. Pursuing certification helped build a Burlington that represents our values now and into the future."

The Sustainable CT platform supports a broad range of actions, such as improving watershed management, supporting arts and creative culture, reducing energy use and increasing renewable energy, implementing “complete streets” (streets that meet the needs of walkers and bikers as well as cars), improving recycling programs, assessing climate vulnerability, supporting local businesses, and providing efficient and diverse housing options.

There is no cost to participate and communities voluntarily select actions that meet their unique, local character and long-term vision. The Sustainable CT program provides technical support and funding to hep towns implement sustainability actions. After successful implementation of a variety of actions, municipalities are eligible for Sustainable CT certification.

"We are excited and inspired by the strong participation of municipal leaders and residents in Sustainable CT," said Lynn Stoddard, executive director of the Institute for Sustainable Energy at Eastern, which runs the program. "One hundred communities is a huge milestone! The actions of these dedicated towns and cities are making our communities great places to live while helping Connecticut realize statewide goals for climate emissions, resilience, recycling, open space and more.”

Sustainable CT was developed in partnership with the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities and is completely independently funded. A growing number of philanthropic and other organizations support Connecticut’s communities through Sustainable CT, including the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, Smart Seed Fund, Common Sense Fund, Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut, CT Main Street Foundation, Connecticut Community Foundation, Fairfield County Community Foundation and Connecticut Green Bank.

For more information on Sustainable CT, including a list of participating municipalities, see the program’s website:

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