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Margo Mulholland Authors First Story on Norman, the Cat!

Published on September 23, 2018

Margo Mulholland Authors First Story on Norman, the Cat!

Margo Mulholland, secretary in the Office of AccessAbility Services, is being published! For the longest time, Mulholland has wanted to stay at the Red Lion Inn on Main Street in Stockbridge, MA. She found out about the inn looking through the “Country Curtains” catalogue in the mail and online photos. “The inn looked so inviting, especially in winter, she love creaking old wooden buildings and charming historic towns,” said Mulholland. 

Periodically, the Red Lion Inn invites its guests to submit an original tale, to its “Lion’s Tales,” for potential inclusion in its Bedtime Storybooks, which the inn, then, shares with its guests. After a trip to the historic Red Lion Inn, Mulholland, who also is advisor to the Knit Wits Club, wrote a story about one of the Inn’s employees, a cat named “Norman.” In this case, “cat” is not colloquial or slang. This is a story about a real, live, laid back feline. Mulholland’s story was chosen to be published in the next edition of “Lion’s Tales.” The online version can be found on its website, under “Inn Life.”

The images of the beautiful, individually decorated rooms, filled with antiques and other pretty things. Mulholland and her sister saw something else too! “We saw online that they had a cat! That’s even better. We couldn’t wait to get there!” The second weekend in June, they pulled in and it was so charming! Here is Mulholland’s story about Norman and how he came to be in a story. 

“The pool and whirlpool were right there and looked so inviting. We checked in and left our things in our room which overlooked the patio restaurant area. Then, we went to find the cat!  We saw him in the hallway and both yelled, “There he is!” We went over to say hello. His fur was so plush! I love businesses that have pets. They are so important and make us feel good.” 

“Norman is there to greet guests, and he can usually be found on the antique red sofa at the entrance to the dining hall. The dining room’s hostess check-in area is right next to the sofa, so he must enjoy the company of everyone coming and going. After we met him and started to stroll around I thought about how lucky Norman was to come live here.  I couldn’t get the thought out of my head and had such a strong desire to write a story about him. He gets to live in a huge fancy house with a large family. What could be better? He has the run of the whole place!  All I could think of was how excited he must have been to arrive there. He has good food, music, plush carpets, lots of sleeping nooks, and lots of company.”

“I came home and wrote the story and had so much fun writing it.  I have been told in the past that people love to read what I write! I knew the story would be enjoyable. That’s how Norman came to be in a story.  After writing the first story, I realized it needs to be a series of all Norman’s adventures. I was very excited when I found out they wanted to include my story in “Lion’s Tales!” My next story will be about Norman’s Halloween.

The Inn’s website says, “Over the years, these stories have run the gamut from cute to courageous, nostalgic to noteworthy, and through their publication, have touched the hearts of guests and staff alike. We are always overwhelmed by the results.” The Inn offers authors whose stories are selected a complimentary overnight stay! For more information about the Red Lion Inn and Lion’s Tales, visit:

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