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“Key of She” Moves Eastern Audience During A Cappella Performance

Published on December 09, 2015

“Key of She” Moves Eastern Audience During A Cappella Performance

 Eastern Connecticut State University’s all-female a cappella group “Key of She” performed a concert on Dec. 3 that featured several top-hit songs of today. The ensemble san songs such as “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon, “Gold Digger” by Kanye West and a collection of Beyoncé’s top hits that included “Love on Top” and “Drunk in Love.” The show was in the Betty R. Tipton Room of the Student Center and open to the general public with free admission. “Fermata the Blue,” Central Connecticut State University’s all-male a cappella group, opened the show.

“We are an all-female group and arrange pieces using nothing but our voices,” said Junior Medina Hosaini. “We are all very dedicated and focused. We rehearse 3-4 times a week totally about eight hours.” The group is student-run and funded by the Music Society. Students of every age can join, as they go through a tryout and call-back process. Upon acceptance, they are split into groups based on their range of singing.

Key of She, file of group performing during state wide Sing-Off in November.

“I joined last year after a lot of my friends told me about it, and I’m glad I did,” said Hosaini. “I get to do what I love around some really great and talented people. We are honestly more like a family, and our practices are always so much fun.” The group has about 20 talented women. Some described their experience like a sisterhood or sorority. The group opens for the Central Connecticut Sate University a capella group and competed in their first competition last spring, wining first place.

The “Key of She” group surprised me with their talent and ability to move the audience,” said Junior Heaven Caristo-Mobley. “I never thought they would be that good; I also couldn’t believe they don’t use instruments, its all just with their voices.”  “It was like “Pitch Perfect” came to life and this time without auto tune and voice editing,” said Junior Kelsey Testi.

Key of She, file of group performing in November.

Some songs were sung by the whole group and others were sung by a soloist. Sophomore Alyka Lara soled to the song “Use Somebody” with the group backing her with beats and vocals. “I love to sing the songs of today,” said Lara. “Everyone is so talented and it is comforting to sing with individuals who really know how to sing, giving us the chance to create something truly beautiful.” The Pitch Perfect-esque group has a bright future at Eastern Their second concert is scheduled for the spring with a potential second competition. “It’s just like nothing I’ve ever been apart of before, we are like sisters, we fight but at the end of the day we all share the same love for music,” said Lara.

Written by Christina Rossmando

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