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Eastern Named a 2015-2016 College of Distinction

Published on May 14, 2015

Eastern Named a 2015-2016 College of Distinction

Eastern Connecticut State University has received recognition by the web-based organization “Colleges of Distinction” for demonstrating excellence in helping students to thrive academically and professionally. Serving as a guide for future college students, the nationally recognized organization showcases institutions that it believes are “ideal places to learn, grow and succeed.”

Upon being nominated by educators, colleges and universities are put under close scrutiny while Colleges of Distinction analyzes each institution’s merit based on both quantitative data and qualitative data. Institutions that stand up to this close scrutiny are then given a profile on the Colleges of Distinction website, which prospective students and their parents can use to make more informed decisions about their future.

Colleges of Distinction chooses the colleges and universities listed based on four criteria – engaged students, great teaching, vibrant communities and successful outcomes.
“Engaged students” demonstrate academic aptitude as well as discipline, dedication and rigor that will help them to thrive later in life. These are students who go above and beyond the call of duty. At Eastern, students learn to communicate, think critically, and solve problems as they explore the world through study abroad, internships, community service projects and undergraduate research.

“Great teaching” occurs in an atmosphere where feedback and encouragement are welcome and encouraged. Interaction among faculty and students is a crucial component of learning. Colleges of Distinction seek out institutions that encourage an atmosphere where students can become passionate about their studies. Eastern professors have demonstrated their expertise in their respective fields time and time again, but it is their continued willingness to find creative ways to communicate their expertise to students in simple yet successful ways that sets them apart.

“Vibrant communities” are campus communities that offer a variety of activities, events and clubs for the benefit of the students. At Eastern, the role of these clubs and events varies. The University has organizations that help students learn even after the books are closed and events that provide social opportunities for students to develop friendships, in addition to the countless thought-provoking speakers, seminars, unique films and artistic events occurring constantly to stimulate students intellectually.

“Successful outcomes” describes the success that alumni enjoy after graduation. As a College of Distinction, Eastern is considered a school that produces students who are well-prepared for the workplace. Graduates can be expected to know how to think, write, speak and reason effectively which will help them find employment after college. However, they can also be expected to possess the values necessary to become future leaders and incur positive change in the world.

Colleges of Distinction are considered “hidden gems” of higher education, according to the panel of academics, guidance counselors and parents that decide which prestigious institutions merit inclusion.

Written by Ryan King